Insights Network and Quantstamp Partner for Smart Contract Audit, INSTAR Airdrop, & More…

Today, we at Insights Network are proud to announce an official partnership with Quantstamp!

Why Insights ♥️ Quantstamp

Quantstamp, Inc. is a company developing a protocol that aims to find vulnerabilities in smart contracts without a trusted third party. Quantstamp also offers centralized smart contract auditing services as their protocol is being developed.

As many of you are aware, security issues amongst cryptocurrencies, such as the Parity Wallet hack, play a detrimental role in the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by mainstream consumers. Quantstamp is leading the way in creating the conditions necessary for mainstream adoption and the use of smart contracts through their decentralized smart contract audit protocol and their world class team of smart contract experts providing hands-on audits.

Securing blockchain networks to ensure scalability is at the top of the list when it comes to important work being conducted on Blockchain Technology — which is why the Insights Network is thrilled to be working with Quantstamp to ensure the integrity of our own work and provide transparency and a sense of security for our users.

Quantstamp / Insights Audit Details

Our partnership includes a full audit of the Insights Network crowdsale smart contract — in addition to an audit of the Insights Network Blockchain Data Exchange smart contract on the EOS blockchain. This marks a ground breaking advancement for Quantstamp, as they continue to secure the Ethereum Network, while expanding their audit capabilities into other blockchains, such as EOS. The results of the Insights Network Blockchain Data Exchange smart contract on EOS will be announced at the time of the EOS main net launch.

INSTAR Airdrop— Quantstamp Proof-of-Caring v2

Insights Network will airdrop INSTAR Tokens for Quantstamp community members who actively participate in Quantstamp’s Proof-of-Caring program.

In total, 1.5% of all INSTAR Tokens (4.5MM Tokens) will be airdropped. The schedule for the Insights Network (INSTAR) airdrop is as follows:

  • 1.5MM INSTAR will be distributed at the end of the token sale.
  • 1.5MM INSTAR will be airdropped in May.
  • 1.5MM INSTAR will be airdropped in September.

To register for the Quantstamp Proof-of-Caring v2 airdrop please visit this portal.

Insights Network is committed to compliance; therefore, Quantstamp community members from the US, Canada and China are currently ineligible for these airdrops.

It’s our honor to work directly with Quantstamp as they secure the blockchain and we’re delighted to be one of the very first projects selected to experience their next generation technology!

Take a read of Quantstamp’s official announcement of our partnership here:

Looking forward,

Team Insights

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