INSTAR Airdrop Details — For All Community Members that complete KYC by February 19th! (new joiners welcome)

Dear Insights Network Community,

Today, we are excited to announce the details of our INSTAR airdrop!

Because we had so much interest in our crowd sale we were forced to close KYC after 72 hours. Furthermore, many of our community members were unable to participate in our crowd sale. As a result, we have decided to airdrop tokens to ALL of our earliest community members as well as new joiners that complete KYC between Friday, February 16 and Monday, February 19th!

Here are the details!

In total, we will airdrop 4M INSTAR tokens to ALL of our earliest community members who have successfully completed KYC and participate in Airdrop Contribution. New community members are invited to participate in completing KYC here.

INSTAR Airdrop Details

When: March 1st.

Who’s invited? Anyone who completes KYC excluding U.S. and China. Share in our community and invite your friends!

  1. 1.5MM INSTAR is reserved for our 15,000 community members who completed KYC but were not able to participate in our crowd sale. (roughly 100 INSTAR per person)
  2. 1.5MM INSTAR are reserved for all community members — including those who participated in the crowd sale — that also participate this week in Insights Network Airdrop Contribution. We invite you to Sign up here. (amount of INSTAR per person is TBD)
  3. 1MM INSTAR are reserved for new community members who complete KYC between Friday, February 16 and Monday, February 19th. (amount of INSTAR per person is TBD)
  • *Everyone who hasn’t already completed KYC must complete KYC first.
  • *Community members who have already purchased INSTAR tokens and participate in Insights Network Airdrop Contribution will receive an additional allocation to their purchase during the airdrop.
  • *Everyone must contribute to be eligible. Tokens will be distributed equally for all approved contributors.
  • *Read more about how Insights Network Contribution works in our previous post.
  • We’re also happy to report that the Official Quantstamp Audit of our smart contract is on schedule and still plan to distribute all INSTAR tokens on February 21st pending final audit approval. All INSTAR will become transferable on March 1st after the airdrop is complete.

March is going to be a fast paced month — we look forward to sharing more details next week!

Best regards,

Team Insights

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