10 ideas for deciding what to do next, in brief

I’m totally winging this one

1. Do the next right thing

Not always simple, but at least you can’t go wrong!

2. Make an ordered list of your priorities

Sometimes the biggest thing is figuring out what’s most important.

3. Figure out what you most want to do

If you truly have no responsibilities, I’m jealous. No, but really… how often do you ask yourself, in a given moment, what one thing might make you happiest?

Usually for me, it’s something like a chocolate chip cookie.

4. Call a friend or relative

Whether you need advice or you’re just bored, connecting with someone you care about is always a good decision.

5. Better yet, go for a visit

Yeah, I know you’ll have to get dressed.

6. Take a walk outside

Fresh air, fresh perspective. Plus, who doesn’t need the exercise?

7. Decide which of the things you should be doing appeals to you the least

And then get it over with. Seriously.

8. Do something nice for someone else

You’ll feel happier and less like a bum!

9. Do something different

Like finally going to that restaurant you’ve been meaning to try for the past two years, or doing cartwheels in the park, or I don’t know, origami.

10. Read

This is the best default option ever, IMO.

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