10 things in the world I don’t understand

maybe you don’t, either

1. The Race to Adulthood

Every child totally gets this. Despite having been there, every adult does not.

2. America’s Funniest Home Videos

This seems to be one of America’s default TV shows — you know, what to watch when nothing else is on. But it’s really very painful for me.

3. Fine Dining

Don’t get me wrong, I love eating out, and I appreciate good food. But those fancy places with menu items I can’t pronounce and prices that rival my monthly food budget? Sorry, not worth it… not even if I could afford it.

4. Toilet seat covers

Seriously, who’s the genious who first decided to put a rug on their toilet?

5. Power lust

I honestly have no desire for power over anything but myself and my personal space. No way in hell would I relinquinsh control over my own life, and controlling/governing other people would limit my ability to live the life I want.

6. Pop/Soda

Yeah, I know I’m alone on this one.

7. Politics

See #5… why can’t people work together and find a compromise that works for everyone? I suppose I should be old enough to get this one by now.

8. Proms and/or School Events and Activities

Why is everything minors do these days so damn expensive?

9. Netflix didn’t pick up Girl Meets World :-(

More importantly, why am I admitting that I actually watched this?

10. It’s crazy hard to do the work we want the most

Creating things takes discipline… where can I buy some?

Note: please don’t take these things too seriously!

And feel free to comment with your own additions.

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