a reflection on God as Mother

maybe unplanned stories are the best kind

I was not planning to write a Mother’s Day post today.

This morning at my (amazing, very liberal) church, our pastor read from the famous fourteenth chapter of John, substituting all occurrences of the word “Father” for “Mother.

I was first introduced to the concept of God-as-Mother several years ago, and our church frequently makes this reference. But I’ve never really given it much in-depth thought before today’s sermon. How does embracing God as a Mother — as well as a Father, of course, and infinite other manifestations — how does this change my relationship with and understanding of God?

I am blessed to have an amazing father, and also grew up with two wonderful grandfathers who were very present in my life. These men have nurtured and taken care of me. They’ve protected and loved me. But my mother…

It is my mother who has always been the rock of our family. She is the first one I have always turned to when I feel unsafe or in need. She is the person, above all others, who makes me feel like I have back-up in this vast, chaotic world.

My family has been going through some difficult times of transition and uncertainty. And today, thinking of God as Mother — as the loving creator who I can trust to take care of us — gave me the extra boost of faith I’ve been seeking all week.

This mother’s day, I think of the incredibly loving, resourceful woman who raised me. I think of my beautiful, inspirational grandmother, who became a pastor in her seventies and despite obstacles, is still going strong. I think of my grandmother who has passed, the support she offered and the invaluable wisdom she passed on to me during our years together. I think of my kind, gentle-hearted mother-in-law. I think of my lovely daughter, and how blessed I am to pass these gifts along to her.

I think of God, my Mother, and I have faith that my family will be okay.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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