infinite things

a poem

It shouldn’t surprise me you have me

dreaming of infinite things

Maybe I’m a child again, and it’s

back to the books

where the perils may be daunting but

a happy ending is assured

Maybe the Beast is truly a Prince,

and so is the frog maybe

Pinocchio is a real boy

Maybe you’re real too.

Maybe you’ll fly me to

Neverland and

we’ll never have to leave

Maybe we’ve made our own Upendi.

If I go back in time with you,

erase all the reality,

forget again that the stories are just paper and ink and

words –

Please don’t wake me up.

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Anne Marie is a writer and entrepreneur. She lives with her daughter and husband in PA. You can find her at her online home,, or follow her on twitter @InspireEach_Day.