midnight dance

a poem for my daughter

I wrote this when my sweet girl was around six months old. As you can see, I am pretty terrible at photography.

Is it midnight already?

I close my eyes, then

Fussing, fussing

It doesn’t stop

Little girl on her stomach

Soaked clothes, wet sheet

Smiles at me with dancing eyes

I strip her and she starts to cry

Shh, shh child

Whatever is the matter?

Twisting, sobbing as I

Try to get her changed

Press her close against me,

Skin to skin

Try to nurse, try to dress

But the cat is here and it’s midnight and she wants to play

Wriggle wriggle

Dancing, jumping in my arms

Don’t you know it’s midnight?

She speaks to me and I know better…

I answer back

I study her –

Chubby legs and rosy cheeks,

Wild dark hair

She’s the new reason I believe in God.

She drinks, drinks

Little girl’s eyes droop back to sleep

Rocking, singing

I lay her down with urgency and reluctance

I know midnight will come again tomorrow.

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Anne Marie is a writer and entrepreneur. She lives with her husband and daughter in PA. You can find her at her online home, www.inspiration-kindled.com, or follow her on twitter @InspireEach_Day.