on your way

a poem

As I was pacing in dismay,

A man happened along my way,

A kindly man, who stopped and asked,

“What troubles such a bright-eyed lass?”

I flushed and fumbled for reply.

He smiled at me and caught my eye.

“Whate’er it is that troubles yee,

you only need to let it be.

Just do your best and move along,

You’re on your way.”

I smiled my thanks — what an odd little man! —

and started off to home, a plan

formulating in my mind…

Just move along, and I’d be fine?

But I took the man’s advice to heart,

went home and made a better start,

hoping that I somehow could

make a difference, do some good.

As I worked, my child crept close,

I scooped him up and kissed his nose,

“Mama,” came his little voice,

“come play with me.”

I had no choice!

I helped him build a tower tall…

then watched as it began to fall.

He sighed a sigh too much like mine,

picked up his blocks like he was fine.

I stopped him with a gentle hand,

“Begin again, and in the end,

you’ll have a tower just as grand,

taller, wider, and built to last.

You’re on your way.”

That night I knelt beside my bed

to ask the Lord for help again,

and quietly I heard him say —

heard him in my full heart say —

“Trust in me for every day.

Your path will never go astray.

You may not see what’s up ahead,

but I see all, so do not dread.

Brighter times will be here soon.

There’s nothing more that you need do

but carry on along with me,

You’re on your way.

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Anne Marie is a writer and entrepreneur. She lives with her husband and daughter in PA. You can find her at her online home, www.inspiration-kindled.com, or follow her on twitter @InspireEach_Day.