Sure! I actually come from a bit of a nontraditional route, since I don’t have a degree in any sort…
Ariel Teague

Thank you so much for the thorough response! Your programmer journey sounds so interesting. I think it’s really amazing how many different paths there are to getting a job in tech. And it’s super cool that they hired you and then trained you!

So far I’ve dabbled in Javascript, HTML, and CSS. To be honest, I’m really kind of lost in the whole thing. I get very discouraged too because I don’t have any support, and I have so many dummy questions along the way. I don’t even understand different tech positions (front end, back end, etc…) because everywhere references these like they expect you to be familiar with them.

I knew nothing about coding when I started. Way back in middle school my mom had this html book that I used to create a website, and when I remembered that last year I thought, “well, that was cool, bet I could do better,” and started looking into it again. I’ve used free programs — codecademy and freecodecamp — to jump into learning, but I don’t understand the bigger picture at all.

I guess I’m missing the 101 class, but I’m not even sure what the 101 class would be called. I’m more of a book learner than a hands-on or visual person, so coding gets frustrating for me. I just want something I can read to connect the dots, you know?

Sorry for going on like this, but yeah, that’s where I am! I can’t really tell you what I’m interested in because I don’t understand the options. But thank you for the support; I will probably come bugging you with a question at some point! And yes, that was me on facebook :-P

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