what is in me

is what’s in me enough?

What is in me?

Is what’s in me enough

to scale all the mountains with nary a scuff?

Am I meant to fly high

or to fall in despair?

Is it worth all the effort when life’s never fair?

Do some deserve more,

and others much less,

or do some work harder to pass all the tests?

Or is it the wanting that makes them the best?

No matter the answers I may never know,

the thing left to do is continue to grow,

to strive for the right and if that then should fail,

to pick myself up and get back on the trail.

For whether I’m headed for greatness or not,

failure is never an appealing lot,

so I’ll take up the cause and I’ll keep up the fight,

reap all that I can from this gift we call life.

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Anne Marie is a writer and entrepreneur. She lives with her husband and daughter in PA. You can find her at her online home, www.inspiration-kindled.com, or follow her on twitter @InspireEach_Day.