A Flaw in Australia’s Fitness Industry Beckons…

I see about six offers on my short drive to work. They offer every imaginable value, a marketer’s mash-up of discounts and limited deals. A whole new world awaits, if you’d just step inside and sign here…

Gym classes are an interesting phenomenon. The principle is sound; enjoy the care of a health professional but at an affordable rate. Think exercise classes and your mind races to groups of spandex clad warriors, mounted on stationary bikes furiously pedalling nowhere, being sprayed by a micro-phoned and spray-bottle wielding overzealous trainer. Or maybe a heated yoga room, bodies swaying gracefully in the contemplative quiet, a faux oriental water clock making the occasional plink in the background.

What I find interesting, though, is that at with little to no cost, I can make a series of social media profiles and commence practice as a ‘bona fide’ health professional. (Blogger, Lifestyle Coach and Wellness Enthusiast!) If I had the same attitude to being, say, a lawyer, I’d be disbarred mere moments from commencing my practice. I could put someone under a bar (different sort) with rather a lot of iron lumped on either end and direct them to do battle with gravity; without an extremely high skill level that’s a recipe for serious injury and a long, costly rehabilitation.

I don’t mean to say you need a tertiary education to practice; I could quickly name some talented professionals that did not require a university to be as good as they are. There just seems to be the idea that for some reason, an 8 week certificate of fitness is sufficient to give you dominion over hordes of people seeking lifestyle change. Understandably, one-on-one sessions with a highly qualified health practitioner might not be financially practical for people that just want to train and aren’t suffering from injury of medical concerns.

But what if you are one of those things? What if you want to just train and have a reasonable concern over injury from poor supervision? There are gym chains across the country putting out classes at attractively affordable rates with an extremely high turnover of both members and coaches, due significantly to this. The reality is that there isn’t the supply of qualified practitioners to meet the demand of people who want high quality but affordable training. Ready for the sell? This is where we change the industry.

Our new class system balances the two. Every class features a scientist that works in our flagship facility at West End and has a tertiary qualification plus experience across the industry. Class sizes are limited to maintain coach-member integrity. The members training come from all walks of life, but every time they walk in they will be under the watchful eyes of Allied Health professionals. Most importantly, we can cater to heavy demand. Being the biggest of our kind in Australia has its virtues — it means we don’t run out of skill to offer, whether it’s for Pilates, Strength or general conditioning.

For any enquiries, contact admin@inspirehealthservices.com.au.

Be a part of an Industry change.

Ashley Dighton

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