‘Community is the new competitive advantage’

Social has been somewhat overlooked in the insurance industry with many continuing to focus solely on traditional sales methods. Whilst these have been effective at converting new business in the past, response rates are decreasing:

Now is the time for Insurance Brokers to embrace the opportunity social can bring.

Owning Your Brand

You have digital real estate at your fingertips so make sure you utilise this opportunity. When a prospect lands on your LinkedIn profile page, do you want them to see a standard sales blurb or do you want them to think ‘this person knows what they are talking about’? In the second instance you are going to have a greater opportunity to nurture and grow this relationship, which ultimately may lead to new business.

Make sure you use your profile to describe the value you are bringing to the customer, rather than a list of your personal attributes.

REMEMBER: You wouldn’t expect someone you meet in the street to become a valued customer straight away, this is the same for on the online world, be patient.

Creating Original Content

A daunting thought and an even more daunting task?

Client meetings can provide the stimulus needed to build and maintain yourself as a thought leader. This one on one time with your target audience can provide real tacit insight about the issues they face on a daily basis.

Think about:

· What issues have you solved for your client — could this HELP others (because that should be your motivation when creating original content)

· What advice have you given that had a positive impact in the past?

· What does your client rely on you for?

You can then publish this content online and share with your network (removing names and companies unless you have permission to do so!)

Building A Community

Use your content to build a community of peers, influencers, clients and prospects. This will give you an edge over your competitors as your relationships will be based on your unique expertise, a key differentiator in today’s soft market.

Engage with your community in the following ways:

· Set up discussion groups (particularly if you have a niche to focus on)

· Share, comment and like the posts of people you would like to engage with

· Share your own content, you could even send it directly if you know it will be helpful for a particular person

REMEMBER: Social Networks don’t exist to sell, they exist to be Social

Take a look at The League of Brokers for more content on social selling.

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