Time passed from the day we met

I found myself sinking deeper and deeper into you

Never realized how much of myself I was losing in the process

Everyday I watched you come and go, with pieces of my soul

Until eventually there was nothing left.

I scream out I miss you while staring in the mirror, hoping to restore who I once was.

I took everything from myself to create you, neglected the Dreams of me to create you, Gave up on what I needed for me, to create you

Only to recognize that there were two monsters in the making

Me and not just you.

Soul Ties, so many soul ties and I can’t break through these knots.

You ended up with all the haves leaving me with so many have nots.

As I hold on to the biggest broken promise to tie the knot.

And that was the straw that broke my back as you sat back watching. Applauding and clapping and laughing and drinking — showing me whoyou really where

I sank, I drank, I cried, I nearly died over you. And as you stepped over my life to continue yours

I knew I would have to start over again.

So I picked up the Best book ever written

And in the end …. I say Amen

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