I continue to ride in the devil’s car

Sitting by his side knowing he won’t take me down the right path.

In the back of my mind I laugh because I know he can’t be trusted and though I’m quite disgusted on, this journey to hell.

At the red light I look into his red eyes and I listen to the white lies that comes out his mouth

It seems so believable yet so deceitful but he never feels my pain.

And we reached a fork in the road and the rain begins to fall and I can’t see the signs clear.

He says we are almost there but I know I’m far from where ? ever it is I’m trying to go.

The car comes to a stop and the sky opens up and the lord gave me light so I can see. I know where I am and I see clear again

And I can open the door and leave

Now I’m walking alone on my path to happiness.

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