Install Foam Insulation Boards in Your House to Make it Energy Efficient

Is the structure of your house suffering from heat loss? Most of the homes, when they are not properly insulated, suffer from the loss of heat generated by the HVAC equipment. This results in the machines taking more time to cool or heat your homes, which in turn, brings higher power bills. So, it is important to insulate the home properly and cover different parts through it such as roof, loft, cavity walls, external walls and floor. Floor or ground insulation is much necessary to prevent heat loss. It is performed through various techniques depending on the type of the flooring installed in a house. An effective and popular method of ground insulation undertaken in many houses is through foam boards. These boards are prepared in rigid polyurethane foam sheets and blocks to prevent heat loss.

While talking about the scientific properties of polyurethane foam, it is prepared by the reaction of polyhydroxy compound (polyol) with a diisocyanate or polyisocyanate. Conventional way of manufacturing polyurethane foam is through a continuous process of reacting a long-chain polyether polyol with toluene diisocyanate (TDI). The cellular foam structure is obtained by including water in the formulation. Water reacts with additional TDI to generate carbon dioxide functioning as a blowing agent. After that more catalysts and surfactants are added to increase reaction rates and control the cell structure respectively. Finally, a rigid foam is formed that has remarkable insulating properties. It can be used to insulate floors, basements, attics, walls and even the doors and windows.

As most of the households have concrete floors, they face the problem of moisture coming into the homes during rain or snowfall. This can be effectively prevented by placing rigid polyurethane foam sheets under the floors as well as between the interior and the exterior walls of the house. Concrete floor insulation by using polyurethane foam boards is performed in two common ways namely under slab insulation and radiant floor heating installations. Rigid polyurethane foam sheets are installed tightly on the floors so that there is no gap left in between and the moisture is allowed to come through. Polyurethane foam board insulation can also make the houses soundproof so that you are free from unwanted noises coming from outside.

So, you can get in touch with a company providing polyurethane foam insulation boards to get rid of ground heat loss in your house. You can explore them over the internet and contact through their websites.

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