Sleep deprivation is just as bad as alcohol

Sleep deprivation is just as bad as alcohol when it comes to your performance. There have been many studies, which have shown that sleep deprivation can be just as bad for daily performance as alcohol, whether it is your daily life or your work life. In the workplace taking breaks or getting a good night’s rest can be viewed as a sign of weakness from a company. What people need to understand is that taking a break or most importantly getting a good nights rest will help them perform better daily and at work the next day.

According to a chart on sleep deprivation by Drew Dawson and Kathryn Reid, statistics have shown that getting drunk and not sleeping enough have the same impact on performance, which in the end is not a good result. If you are coming into work sleep-deprived you are basically functioning drunk. Research shows the effect on performance of even a moderate level of fatigue is greater or equal to what is considered acceptable for alcohol intoxication.

Story by: Jena sleepninja8 at InstaSleep

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