Stay Fit, Better Sleep equals Better Workout

One night or many nights of bad sleep is proven to negatively impact a workout. According to the US National Sleep Institute, the quality of sleep that athletes get can be the main factor to their win. The quality of sleep you receive helps improve your decision-making skills, accuracy, and most importantly helps your body maintain its speed and endurance especially during a tough workout. With sleep deprivation your body’s ability to use insulin properly becomes disrupted. It has also been proven that being sleep deprived, individuals are more likely to give impulses, have less will power and self-control. This means that you are more likely to either give up on your workout or finish early.

As an athlete myself I sometimes find difficult falling asleep, especially knowing that I need to wake up for a training workout the next morning. For me sleep is the most important thing when preparing for a workout. It entirely sets the tone for my motivation the next morning. On those nights I cannot fall asleep I take one InstaSleep thin melt and do not wake up during the night. It helps me get just the right amount of sleep, so I am fully energized the next morning.

Story by: Jena Hanlon sleepninja8 at InstaSleep