Mark your calendars.

Instavisit was selected from thousands of startups worlwide to present at one of the most sought after tech conference in the world, Collision in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Instavisit is joining an impressive list of Collide startups alumni such as AirHelp, August and Realty Mogul to name a few. Collision as the New York Times said it “Is a conclave of tech high priest” where established companies meet new promising startups from across the globe. We’re humbled that Instavisit (still in stealth mode) got selected.

In less than 6 months, Instavisit built a new system for finding a home from the ground up, tackling a hard and overlooked problem in a unique way. There exists a massive opportunity to bridge the scheduling gap between house hunters and property owners. Time consuming process coupled with inefficiency leads to billions of dollars in missed opportunities.

Collision is Web Summit’s sister event, and found a home in Tony Hsieh and Zach Ware’s Downtown Project in Las Vegas. In 4 short years, Web Summit has become Europe’s largest tech conference attracting over 20,000 attendees from around the world.

Instavisit’s office of the day will be at booth B-31 in the BUILDERS pavillon.

Instavisit is available now in the App Store!

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