Should You Buy Real Instagram Followers?

When Instagram fell under Facebook’s ad targeting last year, the value of their platform to the modern marketer grew exponentially. Brands in every industry were left to examine their competition levels on Instagram and compare their followings. Many businesses weren’t previously prioritizing Instagram and they are left with a much smaller audience then some of their business counterparts. Growing an audience organically can take years, so the question is should companies buy real Instagram followers?

The short answer is yes, they should. The longer answer is yes, they should, after reading this post. There are a lot of options available to purchase “real” followers. However, only a few companies actually take the time to find followers that fit your target audience. It’s very important to find companies that take the proper steps. For instance, the first thing any reputable service should do is identify the proper target market through thorough research. This will increase the likelihood that followers — not only engage with the posts — but also turn into customers down the road.

It’s important to remember that the only way to capitalizing on buying real Instagram followers is to beef up your organic content. Whether a business decides to dedicate a person to updating the Instagram feed or hire an agency to create posts, it’s important for new followers to get regular updates from your social accounts.

Authenticity is essential in growing an Instagram audience. When you can’t settle for robots and other fake accounts, your Instagram following will need to be grown through organically interacting with your target audience. Whoever you purchase Instagram followers from should find those followers by following targeted accounts, engaging with content and joining social media conversations in an organic way.

Finally, when the time comes to buy real Instagram followers, be sure to do some research on the credibility of the company you’re working with. Check their Instagram following. See if they can provide references regarding the industries they’ve served and see if their Instagram photos can spark some creative ideas for when you’re posting for your business account.