Applications of Celotex wall insulation

Installing home wall insulation is one of the greatest aspect for lowering heating expenses, maintaining a comfortable home and reducing carbon emission. It’s utilization significantly decreases homeowner’s energy bills and atmospheric pollution. This simply, acts as a blanket wrapped all around, to keep the hot air inside and cold air outside the home. Therefore, without the perfect wall insulation material energy consumption for heating, cooling as well as the costs for the house would increase.

For that you need to choose the leading brand in home insulation product ranges. Celotex wall insulations are one such option from UK. The product provides PIR (polyisocyanurate) based thermally efficient insulation solution for generating heat even in the most cold condition. Celotex manufactures blends numerous material together for crafting the rigid foam product. It’s thermal performance involves heat generation triggering the gas to evaporate and trapped within the cells. The foam is then positioned between two foil facer which differ depending on the end use application.

Here are few major areas of application of Celotex wall insulation:

  • Masonry Cavity Walls: The Masonry cavity wall product are easy to fit size board for application between wall ties. The thermal performance enhances because of low emissivity and offers a long-term energy-saving.
  • Timber frame wall linings: The timber frame wall linings provides excellent cavity service . When placed in a two layered system, it reduces the thermal bridging through rails and studs. This product offers low emissivity and high thermal performance.
  • Timber wall sheathing: The timber wall sheathing offers an excellent thermal performance, encapsulation of the timber frame, elimination of thermal bridging, low emissivity, more energy-saving and removal of voids for more services.
  • Steel stud frame walls: The steel stud framed wall insulating products are most favorable for steel framed industrial or commercial building. Installation of it benefits offsite fabrication and fast, accurate onsite application and many more.
  • Rainscreen cladding:Rainscreen cladding are durable, well ventilated, lightweight systems that utilizes all practical construction procedures for achieving an aesthetic look to the building. These are first choice for those buildings where fire performance, thermal efficiency and wind loading are key concerns.
  • Top up cavity walls: The top up cavity wall insulation products are capable of multiple installation methods and upgrades the existing walls to the current compliance level of the building. The tapered edge board offers multiple installation facility for more heating.
  • Internal solid walls: The internal solid wall insulation are ideal for mechanical fixing, direct bonding and cavity in wall. The product is particularly suitable for renovation projects as a VCL (Vapour Layer Control) is present after the boards are joined. It delivers a higher U-value, maximum installation flexibility and a thinner insulating solution.
  • External solid walls: The External solid walls are suitable for building renovation projects. These are designed in accordance with the government home insulation rules and regulation and ensures a better U-value.

All the above discussed points are major application of wall insulation by Celotex. The products are vulnerable for all kinds of weather condition gives consistent performance throughout the life time. You only have to choose your preferred area and buy it from the most liable dealer. Best go for online ones to grab offers on each purchase.

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