When workers meet with an accident at the work place, the first thing that comes to their mind is compensation so that they are able to satisfy their financial needs and there is no hindrance in fulfilling their personal requirements. There are many things that workers need to know in order to get the industrial accident compensation as early as possible. One of the most important things to do is to follow the right procedure. As soon as the accident occurs, the first thing is to tell the supervisor of the industry about the accident and how serious it is.

At the same time, the industry owner or the employer must be reported about the accident. The worker also should know that this nature of accident can be claimed for compensation or not. In general, all serious types of accidents come under the rules to claim the compensation. The next step is to report the accident to the insurance company. This should be done by the employer and the victim. The doctor’s report of the accident should be submitted to the employer and the insurance company so that no one can object to the claim for industrial accident compensation.

The succeeding step should be to claim for wage that is to be paid by the insurance company when the worker is not working because of the accident. The health insurance should be claimed for the treatment at the hospital. The steps may differ as per the nature of the accident. If the accident has resulted in the death of the worker, the final settlement claim needs to be made to the insurance company and provident fund and other such benefits should be claimed from the employer.

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