InteList — The Intelligent Product Listing API Gives Online Retailers Access to Marketplace

Online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are attracting a huge number of customers. With people trying to sell, buy and rent on an everyday basis, the product prices are getting more competitive by the day and consumers are getting more attentive. was released in July 2015 and brought with it a bag of new features and functionalities.

What is Jet? — the new-gen marketplace is more focused on transparency value and control for both shoppers and retailers. It aims at offering the cheapest prices (usually 10–15% cheaper than other online marketplaces) and establish itself as an eCommerce giant. Within one month of its launch, it became the 4th largest marketplace in the world.

How does Marketplace Function?

If you are a store owner or manufacturer, you can sell your products on Unlike Amazon, the JET marketplace does NOT provide sellers with an administrator panel to manage their inventory. And this is where InteList jumps in.

What is InteList?

InteList is s Listing API which helps you set up a dedicated product feed for Jet. Built keeping your business needs in mind, InteList successfully integrates your backend system with the frontend of your store on Jet platform, thus making it more compatible, and keeping your eCommerce bustling.

InteList leverages flexible frameworks and can be customized to facilitate one-stop product listings management across multiple retail channels.

What is more, you have the full-support of the InteList team via email, phone and live demo sessions.

What Are The Services Provided By InteList?

Create Listings

  • Bulk List your SKUs on Jet in data feed format of your choice
  • Bulk upload images to InteList
  • Add, edit, delete, archive, re-list sold/unsold items in bulk
  • Enable shipping exclusions, personalize product descriptions, and even pricing and shipping attributes
  • Add miscellaneous specific item details and attribute fields for your products
  • Filter /search to figure out which products are yet to be listed
  • Easily manage categories, and parent-child/multi-variation products

Manage Customer Data and Get Customer Insights

  • Browse orders using numerous filters
  • Interactive Dashboard to manage your shipping easily
  • Automatic update when there’s changes in the available inventory level
  • Sellers can request settlement reports for items shipped in a defined period
  • Using retail KPIs, better understand customer behavior.
  • Optimize inventory with SKU level reports identifying bestselling/ slow products
  • Export raw data to CSV

If you are thinking of selling on Jet, InteList as a API integration can be the thing for you.

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