Landing Pages. The Ultimate Design.

Home page vs Landing Page

Less Options: A 78 per cent conversion lift for the landing page with three options.

2 Types of Landing Pages: Lead Gen and Click Through

1. Lead Gen

The only purpose of the page is to collect information that will allow you to market to and connect with the prospect at another time: ebook, whitepaper, webinar registration, discount coupon, contest entry, free trial, future product announcement.

2. Click Through

“Too often, inbound advertising traffic is sent directly to a homepage or registration page, which leads to poor conversions. Registration pages (i.e. lead gen) don’t provide sufficient information for someone to make an informed decision, and homepages provide too many options. This is where the click through landing page comes in.

Extra information on the landing page warms the customer up to what you are selling by offering them the details they need to know, with no distractions. When the prospect clicks through to the destination page, they’re now primed with all the information they require and will be much more likely to buy.”

Color Design
  • Red — danger, stop, negative, excitement, hot
  • Dark blue — stable, calming, trustworthy, mature
  • Light blue — youthful, masculine, cool
  • Green — growth, positive, organic, go, comforting
  • White — pure, clean, honest
  • Black — serious, heavy, death
  • Gray — integrity, neutral, cool, mature
  • Brown — wholesome, organic, unpretentious
  • Yellow — emotional, positive, caution Gold — conservative, stable, elegant
  • Orange — emotional, positive, organic
  • Purple — youthful, contemporary, royal
  • Pink — youthful, feminine, warm
  • Pastels — youthful, soft, feminine, sensitive
  • Metallics — elegant, lasting, wealthy

Converging Lines

“Design converging lines to draw people to your Call To Action (CTA). Triangles are the most dynamic of all shapes, and their natural tendency to point make them a special design tool.”

Where are they looking?

Put the CTA where a person is looking. We are curious as to what a person is staring at.

On the left, eye tracking shows focus on the baby. On the right, what he is looking at is what we want to look at.


White Space

“In the first example it’s virtually impossible to infer the conversion goal of the page. Your eyes are forced to jump all over, and you can assume the next destination for your visitors’ eyes will be the back button.

In the next example we have a landing page template and your eyes are afforded the freedom to move around the different page elements with ease.”

The Psychology of Conversion


Amazon’s Order before date. A pressure point trigger: a finite period of time to trigger a commitment. Initially used to get a product before Christmas, they’ve since put this to every day use with “Order to get this by this date”

Other examples: Ticketmaster — 4 minutes left to buy your tickets, Expedia — x seats left.

Power Words

“a test we did recently showed changing “your” to “my” actually improved the click-through-rate”

“69 percent of people chose an inferior chocolate product over a perceived superior one, simply because it was free”.

Landing page examples: free trial, free eBook.

“A well-known principle of human behavior says that when we ask someone to do us a favor we will be more successful if we provide a reason.”
 — Robert Cialdini PH.D. “The Psychology of Persuasion”

The word “because” provided a 94% acceptance to cutting into line with the request “May I use the Xerox machine, because I am in a rush?” vs. 60% when the reason wasn’t given. The “because” answers “Why should I? What’s in it for me?”.


Nobody want’s to wait.

Instantly get the insider knowledge your competitors don’t have by downloading this free report.”

Example above uses 3 power words.

On your landing pages, you can use the word new to establish the freshness of your free content, be it a whitepaper or case study. Enhance your downloads by leveraging the fact your information is hot off the presses.

Testing for Higher Conversions

  • Pick some of the highest performing pages on your site
  • Test headline, CTA words, form length, design and position
  • Create a test hypothesis first

“The page does not have a clear call-to-action, prospects spend too long trying to understand what to do next. Adding a large orange button right under the main benefits will help them identify the CTA and perform our desired action.”

  • Each test page receives at least 100 unique visitors, should take at least a week to accommodate different day behavior
Headline Test

Headline Formulas

Landing Page Samples

More Examples

Using interactivity before producing the form entices the visitor to fill out the form once they qualify (create anxiety about weather you qualify).


  • Use animated gifs “Contrary to videos, gifs explain how the product is used in a more compact and automatic way- plus your loading speed isn’t affected.”