Knocked over the edge at times. Free falling with no parachute.

Moms, I know you feel me. It’s those chaotic, completely frantic, “what the heck do I do!” split second decisions that arrive once baby has.

Before children, as a living, breathing human being, you can sit and think. Mull over ideas, thoughts, transitions. Sit in a coffee shop, undisturbed while reading a book. Ponder your life.

Pondering…that’s a fun word. I used to love to “ponder” before children. Now I just play board games and prioritize things. Sounds great right? I forgot to mention prioritizing means making a list so I don’t forget what to buy at the store, what…

The Question Every Pregnant Woman Ponders…

The moment you know you are pregnant, it is hard not to visualize and wonder whether you are expecting a baby girl or a baby boy. Even if you don’t have a preference or a deep longing for a pretty pink princess or a handsome little prince, the curiosity still lingers.

With my first pregnancy, I wanted to know what I was having. As soon as humanly possible. I felt the tugging need of really wanting to know whether my significant other and I were going to be parents to a boy or a girl. At 20 weeks, the sonogram…

Those two little lines. You blink repeatedly, wondering if your eyes are telling the truth or playing a vicious game of, “No. Way!”

I remember that first test. I didn’t really feel odd, but something important had gone missing. I had been counting the days the entire month of December, and I was now two days late. My husband had left for work. It was New Year’s Eve and I had the day off, coffee in hand as I paced in our small living room.

Nerves. It had to be. I couldn’t be pregnant. We were trying, sort of. Married less than a year, but knew we wanted kids eventually, but could it really be happening?

The pursuit of pregnancy is way different…


Expecting a baby? Take a peek as early as 10 weeks. Lab tested, mom approved. Founded by moms, for moms…everywhere.

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