#8. Rhodiola Rosea the Wonder Ingredient for Athletes Everywhere

300mg of Rhodiola Root extract is used in IntelliGrind supplements

Rhodiola Rosea is a flowering plant growing in much of the colder regions around the world. It has been used in traditional Chinese, Russian, and Scandanavian folk medicine for centuries; being touted as an “adaptogen” that helps the body cope with the stresses of living in a colder climate.

In modern studies, Rhodiola appears to indeed produce some impressive results in alleviating physical stress on the body, leading to increases in exercise endurance performance(44), lower average heart rate during endurance exercise(40), an increase in re-synthesis of skeletal ATP and minimizing of the loss of ATP in skeletal muscle mitochondria after exhaustive exercise(45), and anti-inflammatory properties and protection of muscle tissue during exercise(41).

Rhodiola Rosea has shown cognitive benefits in trials as well, proving to be effective in the reduction of overall mental stress and fatigue(42), as well as enhancing mental function and capacity during physical and mental stress(43).

With its impressive track record for increasing physical endurance and even mental endurance under pressure, it was an easy choice to include an effective amount of Rhodiola in our INTELLIGRIND formula.

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