Drink More Water. The Surprising Fact.

The Surprising Fact

Evidence shows drinking more water leads to Weight Loss, among other health benefits.

Despite what some news headlines may tout, there is in fact a LOT of evidence suggesting increases in daily water intake offers health benefits and even promotes weight loss!

😊 It’s not just the water itself that facilitates your body’s metabolism — by increasing your daily water intake, you are replacing other less healthy drinks that you might otherwise consume, as well as un-needed appetite cravings throughout the day.

The average american drinks a little over 4 cups of water a day, about half of what should be consumed…

Yikes. It should go without saying that water should never replace a meal, and it’s also your responsibility to make sure you’re consuming enough daily calories and getting all the nutrients you need from your diet as well. Drinking more daily water isn’t a miracle cure but it’s a great start to getting where your body wants to be.

These are just a few of the recent, peer-reviewed science articles we found in less than 5 minutes that support a moderate increase in daily water intake:

Follow the evidence fellow grinders! Any informational article claiming something that doesn’t lead back to legitimate, recent peer-reviewed research studies should be taken with a grain of salt…. Immediately followed by a glass of water ;).

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