February 10, 2016

This insightful discussion touched on themes of teamwork, personality, community, street art, the future of U.S. energy, the electoral process, viruses, and more. Thank you to everyone who spent time digging deeper into these educational pursuits and sharing your knowledge with the group!

Please find listed below some resources referenced in our discussion.


The Art of Explanation: Making Your Ideas, Products and Services Easier to Understand

Meaningful: The Story of Ideas that Fly


Why Some Teams are Smarter Than Others

The MIT studies referenced by Mallory, explaining what characteristics made different teams more effective and intelligent.

Can We Learn to be Intelligent

An article by Esko Kilpi discussing the ways that intelligence is built through communication and community.

What Kind of Thinker are You

The Harvard Business Review article exploring the necessity of considering more than what people DO but how they THINK.


Adam’s breakfast recipe

Adam’s delicious Senegalese Breakfast Pilaf recipe can be found HERE.
Note: He subbed Teff for Fonio & used vegetable stock

How presidential elections work

Here’s a quick video that recaps what Peter explained so well!

For further info on the Electoral College process, HERE is a great video.


…energy in U.S., future of sustainable energy, importing energy from other countries.

Fresh Fork

…a weekly grab bag of local, sustainably-produced foods. More info HERE.

Zika Virus has entered CLE

…Read more HERE


Exit Through the Gift Shop

“The infamous, shadowy British graffiti street artist Banksy has literally left his mark on cities throughout the world. He comes in contact with Thierry Guetta, a Los Angeles-based Frenchman who videotapes various underground art escapades, and later is transformed into an art phenomenon dubbed “Mr. Brainwash.” Rhys Ifans narrates an overlapping documentary where the line between what is real and what might be fake blurs, as modern art and celebrity are put under the microscope.”

Aguirre: The Wrath of God

In the 16th century, the ruthless and insane Don Lope de Aguirre leads a Spanish expedition in search of El Dorado.

Intelligent Community

Updates from the lives of the Intelligensia:

1. Happy Birthday Margaret! ❤ (February 13th)

2. Underneath is Before

Ryan Dewey’s (Rachel’s Husband) incredible art installation at SPACES until March 25th.

“Their experience culminates in the quieting hollows of a salt chamber reconstructed from salt slabs mined for this installation.” More info HERE.

3. Phillip and Jackie Wachter’s company, FOUNT Leather Goods, was featured in a wonderful Better Homes and Gardens article!

“We live in a time where people have gotten so used to disposable fashion and goods, folks generally don’t expect their purchases to last more than a few seasons. However, we have realized that if we make intentional purchases that are quality and ethically made, we can cut down on the waste that we produce and have pieces that we truly enjoy for years to come. This lifestyle is the essence of Fount.” — Read the whole interview HERE

4. Six Shooter Coffee Grand Opening: MARCH 4th!

Join Peter Brown in celebrating the long awaited grand opening for his Coffee Shop and Roastery in Waterloo Arts District! Event info HERE.

Next Intelligent Breakfast on February 24:

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