【Giveaway】Community Behaviour Mining Rewards July 1-July 31

Jul 1 · 3 min read


Participants are required to finish the registration and kyc on our official website

Click to register: https://airdrop.intellishare.io/en/registe

Please send your registration email and phone number to Telegram admin @inekj for completing whitelist verification before doing the tasks. Thank you!

Submit your task before passsing the kyc is invalid.

Behavior Level 1 (10 INE/12 INE for BC members)

Behaviour Level 2 (20 INE/24 INE for BC members)

Behaviour Level 3 (200 INE/240 INE for BC members)

Behaviour Level 4 (300 INE/360 INE for BC members)

Behaviour Level 5 (400 INE/480 INE for BC members)


Written by

Blockchain+MeshNetworks |Facebook:http://facebook.com/Intellishare |Twitter:https://twitter.com/Intellishare_ |Telegram: https://t.me/IntelliShare_English

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