Technique Updates:

  • Recently, Raymond Xiong, the founder of IntelliShare, was invited to participate in the “IPFS Application Conference and Web 3.0 Summit Forum” organized by Industry and Information Technology in Chongqing, and made a comment on the diversity The outlook for the economy and the future value of IPFS.
  • On December 4th…

Technique Updates:

  • The era of 5G + AI + AIOT + blockchain + AR is approaching, and distributed networks will be an important part of building a smart and open ecosystem in the new trend. …

Happy Thanksgiving! IntelliShare already started for almost 3 years, thanks for your support all the time.

How to join:

  1. Retweet
  2. Follow IntelliShare Twitter account
  3. Comment about IntelliShare previous events you remember or progresses we did and what you want to say to us.


1. Top 10 of RT which get most like —…

Technique Updates:

  • On October 11th, the IntelliShare technical team invited experts in the industry to study and discuss distributed technology, distributed database, distributed ledger, distributed computing, distributed storage, distributed governance and distributed commerce topics in Shenzhen operation center.
  • The DAPPs built by the Mesh network can build distributed infrastructure such as MetaMask…

According to the promise, the founder team of IntelliShare (IN[E) will burn the total amount of 3,497,5648.7914 INE according to the development progress of the project, which will be burned according to the plan.

A new round of burn has been completed at 17:00 on October 16, 2020(UTC+8). IntelliShare team transferred 874,3912.19785 INE into black hole address( 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD) from the proportion of the IntelliShare team.

Dear members:

As National Day and Autumn Festival are approaching, according to the national statutory holidays, the staff of IntelliShare will be on holiday from October 1 to October 8, 2020, for a total of 8 days, and will go to work normally on October 9(UTC+8). During the holiday period, official services will not be processed. If there is an emergency, please send it to the official email: or contact admins in Telegram groups for help.

Thank you again for your continuous attention and support to IntelliShare.

Where to find us:



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Telegram Japanese Community





Technique Updates:

  • In order to cooperate with the TestNet test to proceed as scheduled, the technical team upgraded the territory and official website and reset the server, which greatly increased the speed of withdrawing tokens. The whole team strives to start the test as soon as possible.
  • The amount of the TestNet…

Technique Updates:

  • Distributed network and distributed storage are hotspots in the current blockchain industry, and IntelliShare is a distributed network practitioner. After the launch of the Filecoin mainnet, the IntelliShare technical team will introduce feasible solutions to make distributed networks and distributed storage merge with each other.
  • DeFi is a recent trend…

At present, the application of artificial intelligence technology is permeating all aspects of our daily life at an amazingly explosive speed. The United States, China, Japan and other countries have successively issued artificial intelligence related policy plans, trying to seize the leading power of industrialization development. …

Technique Updates:

  • Based on the details and operating status of IntelliShare (INE) “Pacific Voyage Programme Ultimate”, the technical team conducts network node configuration testing and continuously optimizes the operating environment to meet the project’s schedule requirements.
  • Since IntelliShare (INE)’s official website opened the decentralized global proposal voting system, decision-making on IntelliShare can…


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