The 10 Best Countries in the World for Working Abroad

Nowadays, many people are sent by their respective companies to destinations around the world on one-off business trips, but have you considered the most popular destinations for those wanting to work abroad a little longer?

In its annual Expat Insider survey, InterNations, the largest global network for people who live and work abroad, asked 14,400 expatriates from all around the world about their experiences of living and working abroad. Expats answered questions about various aspects of everyday life in their adopted home, such as quality of life, ease of settling in, family life, personal finance, cost of living, and working abroad. Let’s look at the top ten countries for the latter.

10) Sweden

As in 2014, the Nordic countries find themselves amongst the top countries for expat work and life, with Sweden even finishing in second place behind neighbor Norway in the Work-Life Balance subcategory. Most expats find that the beautiful countryside and friendly locals are a huge attraction towards this northern European gem.

9) Switzerland

Small in size but no less popular, Switzerland sneaks into the top 10 countries to work abroad. Clearly the reputation for the expensive lifestyle is not putting people off moving for work-related reasons, as Switzerland even ranks in third place for job security.

8) New Zealand

Alongside making history by winning the Rugby World Cup twice in a row now, New Zealand can also boast success off the field in the latest Working Abroad Index. Close to four-fifths of foreigners living in New Zealand (78%) are happy with their work-life balance (against 61% expats worldwide), which is just one contributing factor as to why working in New Zealand is regarded favorably. The famous friendliness of the Kiwis (94% give this a positive rating) as well as being able to spend any days off work exploring the beautiful landscape surely don’t hurt, either.

7) Ecuador

Voted the overall best destination in the world for expatriates, Ecuador also ranks impressively for working abroad. Generally, expats here seem to be very satisfied with settling in — Ecuador ranks third in the corresponding index! — and it is a haven for those looking to find a positive work-life balance.

6) Austria

Feeling secure in Austria seems to be the main reason why the country ranks so highly in this year’s index on the best countries for working abroad. Despite being pipped to the post by Germany overall, the country boasts a better work-life balance than its Central European neighbor.

5) Panama

Panama joins fellow Latin American country Ecuador amongst the top 10, which is otherwise dominated by Europe. Panama ranks consistently high in all three of the subcategories, despite having the 4th longest work week, with an average of around 48 hours.

4) Germany

Living up to its reputation as one of the most influential business countries in the world, Germany is not only considered superb in regard to job security, but also ranks as the number one destination for expatriate managers to work in.

3) Luxembourg

Size apparently isn’t everything as minnows Luxembourg provides the best job security in the world, according to the survey respondents. It does appear that feeling secure comes at a cost, however, as the country fails to make the top 20 for satisfaction with work-life balance.

2) Norway

The Nordic air seems to be drawing expats into the country, which takes the runners-up spot in the top destinations to work abroad. Norway comes in first place for people’s satisfaction with their work-life balance, as well as boasting the shortest average working hours in the world for expats.

1) Malta

Malta manages to claim place number one when it comes to working abroad. Despite only just making the top 10 for job security, expats in Malta generally feel that their work-life balance is excellent, along with great job and career opportunities.