Pyramid costs $ 5 billion

Despite the mobilization of cranes, helicopters, trucks and tractors in bulk, building a pyramid as the Great Pyramids of Giza today remains extremely difficult. In the eyes of many, the pyramid was built 4500 years ago is still like a miracle or even related to the hands of aliens.

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However, recently has emerged a theory about the Great Pyramid was built from the building, through internal pulley system and sophisticated science. If built as planned perfectly, we will be able to recreate Wonders of the ancient world at the cost of up to $ 5 billion.

The construction of a pyramid as the Great Pyramids of Giza today exists many difficulties.

First, let’s look at the figures of the Great Pyramid. Giza total length of 756 feet each side, 481 feet high and consists of 2.3 million stone blocks, each block weighs approximately 3 tons. Thus it is the total weight of up to 6.5 million tons. Legend has it that the whole project was completed in just over 20 years, meaning that each block of stone were transported and put in its place in just 5 minutes (if the construction is taking place 24 / 24h ). Progress which obviously requires the labor of thousands of people. Previous hypotheses about the ancient Egyptians used a pulley system to build Giza outside many loopholes as a pulley so will have more than a mile long enough to pull new is the heavy stone blocks. In addition, it will need a heavy stone blocks for double pyramid to balance.

Jean-Pierre architect Houdin believes, only one-third the height of Giza, from the bottom up, is built from the pulley blocks apart. With 33% of the remaining work, the Egyptians will causeway up through a pulley system in sophistication. Houdin has collaborated with 3D graphics firm Dassault Systems to develop a virtual model of the building process above. At the same time, a group of scholars at the University of Laval (Quebec) is planning an infrared scan to determine whether or not the existence of the network of pulleys inside the Great Pyramid.

There are two big differences in the construction of the Pyramid of that day and now, according to Houdin. First, instead of using people to stone by pulling pulley, now we will use the motorized tools. Second, for the most part the peak of the pyramid (about 10–15m top), you can use a small crane.

With the aid of modern vehicles and helicopters, one of modern Giza will require manpower of about 1500–2000 people working uninterrupted for 5 years. The total estimated cost of up to $ 5 billion. For comparison, the One World Trade Center building 1776 feet high in the center of Manhattan (USA) and the construction cost is only about $ 4 billion.

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