Russian scientists have discovered a giant monster in Arctic seabed.

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In the process of studying the ocean shelf, the researchers from the Institute of Marine Technology issues Vladivostok (Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences) found strange creatures ever known, has huge size in Arctic waters at a depth of more than 1,000m.

According to the scientist Dr. Leonid Naumov, member of the expedition, they dropped probes “Klavesin” to work at a depth of 1600–2000 meters.

Using the help of special techniques, the scientists succeeded in the observation that a large entity, perhaps lying at the entrance to its cave. The “monsters” attacks apparatus and shake it from side to side.

After lifting “Klavesin” up from the ocean floor, the expedition members visible numerous dents and scratches on a metal shell.

Scientists have consulted with ocean biology experts, showed them pictures taken “monsters”, but no one can get to know this creature. The ocean biology experts said that they have never seen anything like that before.

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