A devastating night. Here’s what’s next.

by Laura Barrett

Yesterday marked a dark day in American history. A man who built his campaign for the White House on some of the most disturbing elements of our nation — racism, xenophobia, sexism — is now set to become the most powerful leader in the world.

This is a critical moment for people who believe in dignity and justice. It’s going to be a long, hard-fought four years. But I believe the IWJ network is ready for this fight.

We are committed to using every resource at our disposal to defend vital worker rights and the gains that working people have made since the inception of the labor movement. We must not kid ourselves. Whether it’s health and safety on the job, the ability to recover stolen wages from unscrupulous employers, or progress towards a living wage, we can’t assume any worker justice victory is safe from being rolled back under a Trump presidency.

We will be there to fight every step of the way to defend worker justice and the values of diversity and egalitarianism that are the cornerstones of our nation.

I hope you’ll be there with us.


Laura Barrett is the Executive Director of Interfaith Worker Justice.