Standing Together After Orlando


Interfaith Worker Justice was founded twenty years ago with the recognition that when people of different backgrounds stand together, we are a more powerful force for justice and dignity.

Events like the horrific mass murder in Orlando threaten to tear the fabric of our diverse nation apart at the seams. In trying to make sense of the heinous action of one individual, some may be tempted to assign blame to communities of people who may have differ in what they believe.

Already, some individuals have cynically appropriated blame to others as a way to move forward their own political agenda.

In truth, there is only one person to blame for the appalling events that occurred early Sunday morning. That is the perpetrator himself.

As we process our grief, we must do so together. We must honor and remember the dead together. We must nurse the wounded together. We must comfort the mourning together.

Whatever your background and beliefs, we must stand together to reject and denounce this senseless violence. We must embrace our differences while embracing our humanity.

Only when we together stare down the face of horror will our collective dignity and respect rise above the pain. Only then will peace and love triumph over hate.