Let’s give up!

I am really moved and fed up at the same time by people who keep gathering mountains of excuses instead of focusing on the truth. The reality of any matter is that no matter how hard your situation is right now there are a million ways you can make it better.

It’s not a joke, I am not kidding in fact I am pissed at people who do not want to take the responsibility of their own happiness.

They rely on social media for acceptance, and bosses on performance, and family or friends on motivation and support. Why can’t for once an individual be solely responsible for their actions, happiness, education, success and whatever the hell it is they want.

So for all of you out there, especially the one’s that find excuses over reasons to change your life and do some thing extraordinary for your self even if it is just making your bed in the morning, let’s give up.

Once and for all let’s give up!

  • Give up on your lame attitude where you are victims of everything
  • Give up on your excuses and find one reason to do something for yourself
  • Give up on blaming other people, your parents, your childhood, your bad luck — it is what you make of it, so give up on it and count your lessons
  • Give up on negative people around you, they serve you no good no matter who they are, just give up because they are not your responsibility
  • Give up on your fears, your perception of tomorrow and just live in the today and your potential
  • Give up on what will be, when what can be is right in front of you
  • And please give up on self-doubt, you are unique and exactly the way you need to be for your unique life path and purpose

There are a lot more give up’s that I could go on about, but you get the idea. Life is not what you get served, life is what you make.

And yes it sounds wonderful for the ones who have the support, the so called “privileged” but let me tell you this for sure. It may take you twice as long and sometimes be twice as hard, if you are not privileged, like I am not.

But when you achieve what you work for despite all odds, you become the kind of person that can leave a legacy of inspiration, growth and powerful confirmation that anything is possible.

It’s the people like us who don’t have privileges that end up changing the world in our own big or small ways, because we give up on negative beliefs, we unlearn what doesn’t serve our passions and we go for it.

If you are going to get mad after reading this blog, remember it’s because it touches a nerve — and you know it is the truth. If you are going to get motivated, it is because you are amazing and you know that already. And if it makes no difference, it’s probably because you have no idea what you are capable of.

Bhumika Zhaveri aka Bhumi is the founder of InteriMarket. She is part of the leadership committee for Tech UK for Digital Ethics & AI, and IEEE outreach and ethics committee and regularly talks about people, change, technology & ethics.

(Bhumi) Bhumika Zhaveri

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