Best Poems about Black Hole: What is it?

Black hole

By Poet William J. Reed IV,Pennsylvania

Our last day on Mother Earth
being pulled and drawn to breach.
Unheard our prayers to Heaven
God knows not, that we beseech.

Nothing escapes this black hole
as it captures the solar wind
I wonder will God save my soul?
origional sin will he rescind.

Far removed from good and evil
pallet and brush is color blind
such indifferance to our disaster
the unbothered universal mind.

Loosing molecular cohesion
so comes freedom of my soul
enligtenment in the eye of God
lies deep within black hole.

Michelle Campbell,New Zealand

Science definition has changed
from observable, replicable
to adding in theoretical explanation of phenomena.

Black holes
a perfect example
using inferred and impossible to observe.

Hell was created for Satan and his demon host
so don’t join in their rebellion,
it’s not meant for you.


Astronomers on Earth refine
The ways and means to calculate
The infinite light years that shine
To us at a forever rate.
Monster black holes lurking out there
Provide new points of measurement,
At the cores of galaxies where
Mind over matter may present.
So sinister sounds a black hole.
Does one lurk in the Milky Way,
Moving with its gobble up goal
Of absorbing all cosmic ray?

Is a black hole, hell? Guess we’ll know
If and when into one we go.

by Aleme Gammo , Ethiopia

did it form from collapsed stars
that black hole of the very dark far
the place nothing light can pass through it
the use of eyes there is none to the fact
flames are there available, embers too
but not as the crimson colors of earth’s fire hitherto
black holes in constellation, within galaxies
would be hell regions nexuses
or it might be the dark place as it told in ge’ez bible
that the mentioned man saw taken by angle
then witnessed on earth after he returned back
as written in old Ethiopian spiritual book
very very far from earth converted in kilometers
15137168756128070,fifteen quadrillion
one hundred thirty-seven trillion
one hundred sixty-eight billion
seven hundred fifty-six million
one hundred twenty-eight thousand seventy
beyond this number of kilometers long lengthy
a prison of souls if it would be
in which could be heard yell sounds
of eerie wails of despair songs

secrets in our solar system of the Milky Way
probably God made out of it from stars bong
after lucifer and St. Michael fought
in the old heaven as we taught
and that lucifer of the now did cast out
thrown to earth, continued deceiving
astray leading of believing
so this black hole if it could be the hell
the former dragon is preparing them to yell
by taking their soul in to the black hole
by drinking from ember’s river with him to dwell

all lights have gone and sunk surrendered
then never been escaped once entered
are we sinners to be penned
there after our breath while stint
if God isn’t merciful, but he isn’t

by Karuna Kumar,New Jersey, United States

imploding stars
of many hues
black hole

by Rosario J. Pecorella,Colorado, United States

Some scientists believe in a multi universe and ours is just one of many,
It is a known fact that a massive black hole is in the center of every galaxy.
Nothing can escape a black holes gravity,
Not even light can break free.
Once anything gets within the grasp of the event horizon,
The immense gravitational pull of the black hole will suck everything in.
If you enter a black hole the strength of it’s gravity,
Would stretch you down to the atomic level like spaghetti.

But in the world of quantum physics there is a theory,
The only things that can escape is information and energy.
Your microtubules information may be programmed in your atomic core,
And you could come out of the black hole reassembled as before.
On another planet in a multi universe somewhere,
That could be how beings have been coming here.
Like they have been doing since thousands of years ago,
Maybe we should no longer fear a black hole.

By Roger Chad Satnarine: © 2016


Highly Recommended As Theme Music

For Poem’s Reading. Thank You Kindly

by Roger Satnarine,New York, United States

effervescent bittersweet bubbles
turbulence’s of life and death
swirl and mesh together
in a positively purposeful
cosmic collision of celestial carbon
as it both creates and ends life

this tantric tumbling
of a swirling sweltering mash
can be likened to that of a
universal utopia of grapes
which violently blends and entwines

transforming into a

cornucopia of fermentation
slowly building pressure
from nature’s natural
yet unnatural wrath

but alas man is impatient
and his unnatural wrath ensues
when the fermentation of life’s bittersweet

grapes meets a beautifully speedy death


by man’s hands
from the injecting

of infused carbonation


the base

building block of life
is also transformed

to become carbon dioxide
which is then pumped

into fermented grapes

beautifully becoming champagne
that sparkling effervescent
bittersweet turbulent wine of life

however we don’t
toast death with it
instead we raise a glass
and use the champagne
to welcome and celebrate life

but for the dead
we forgo the grape
and toast their life
with a grain called spirits

life and death’s

strange anomaly’s
the signs and wonders

are everywhere

the once living

now dead
becomes a spirit
and is remembered by
the consuming of a spirit

there is power in words of the same
a toast to both life and death
which happens over and over again

“Until Enlightenment Occurs”

and it’s during this moment

when the acceptance

of an Omnipotent Existence
is fully understood

and only upon then
does one become aware
that our womb is a tomb

for once we are conceived
we are guaranteed death

when a tomb becomes
one’s final resting place

it’s upon death

this conception

of life is reversed

hence when a womb

becomes the first place of rest
for a newly conceived life

to grow strong live to maturity
and then repeat the cycle

of making

offspring then die

and become entombed
in a way returning

to the womb

so now a tomb
becomes a womb
again in reverse returning
to it’s place of origin

an origin
of conception of the spirit
which happens upon
the destruction of its flesh

which then allows

for this new state of a

universally spiritual existence

a nether worldly
cosmic consciousness
where life and death

equally occurs at the same time

“Except That”

no living thing can cheat death
for one’s womb of conceived life
also becomes the tomb

of their inevitable death

because once

anyone is born
they will surely die

but there is beauty in death
and it’s in accepting
death must happen
for the mortal life
of a human being to…

“Elementally Transcend
…..Into Spiritual Matter”


death can be cheated
but by two means only
and the first is…

“Accepting Omnipotence”

and the second is
if someone or something

“Never Existed!?”

However; we the cosmic children
the human race…. of a space race
living in a universal loop of infinity
swirl and mesh together

for a positive purpose

to have existed and coexisted
in this great cosmic collision
which both creates and ends life

we are the fruit of the earth
within a universal galactic bowl
of which our planet’s

evolution’s and revolutions
transforms this container
into a celestial wine vat

with us as heavenly human grapes
violently blending and entwining
into a cornucopia of fermentation…


building pressure
in a vast vacuum
of space and time

waiting for the release of explosion
from our trapped gaseous spirits
that seeks to escape

then finally break free
just like the cork popping
from a champagne bottle
making its unmistakable
pop and whoosh of a

“Big Bang Theory Sound”

spewing forth

cosmically fruity smells
of Nature’s Elements
wafting under
the Heavenly Nostrils
of Universal Omnipotence

it’s a Spiritual Fragrance
of Enlightenment Achieved

“When We Accept”

life and death
are the same
and that each one
has its own unique
concept and purpose

for when we become
of the spirit just by thought
we’re able to travel back in time

but when I dare

travel back to my own

physical life’s existence
you won’t see me

but you would feel
my spiritual presence
the dead do live again

…yes Andromeda it’s true…

ghosts are very, very real

for when the paths and levels
to spiritual enlightenment
and transcendence are taken

those journeys

happen many times
in the lives and death
of recurring reincarnation

where we humans existing now
are contained in one location
and our place is still
like sparkling wine at rest

but looking at it
we can’t see the fury
waiting to be unleashed

it’s deadly silent too
and when violently shook

(that shaking is death)

an explosion happens
where the spirits of grapes

(metaphorically human souls)
are finally unleashed

so the dead

do walk among us
and this occurs
when we transcend
the trappings of

this physical life

which happens at

our moment of death
and the essence

of what was inside

that state of our

collective consciousness
of our very soul
has broken free
from the physical
becoming the spiritual

and we have now
not only gone beyond
but are part of the fabric
which is our known universe

we then have the ability
to go between the gaps of time
for those gaps are portals

portals to other parallel worlds
universes, dimensions, wormholes
and of course existence itself


in each of those
there is only one
supreme omnipotence

and it

must be known
that this force
is the only

force strong enough

to control the raw power
of the ultimate gap
in space and time

“A Black Hole!”

our known universe’s
ultimate womb of the tomb
other wise known as an

“Event Horizon”

the point where we can see
all of space and time’s
effervescent bittersweet

turbulence’s of life and death

swirl and mesh together
for a purposeful cosmic collision
both creating and ending life

it’s a Portal to the moment
when it was just the Creator
the Supreme Omnipotence
who in this great void
of nothingness said


and gave a

heartbeat to the heavens…

can you hear it
that heavenly heartbeat

colors of black and red
of the living and dead

red the blood of life

and black the skies at night

but along
with that light of life
the universe remained black

a black canvas of space and time
as the backdrop for stars to shine

to know and understand
the beauty of the anomaly’s
of life’s greatest mysteries
only revealed upon death

and which continues
repeatedly in reincarnation
until all of our personal

questions are answered

and it’s in the acceptance

of those truths do we become

privileged as spiritual beings

of the universe

to see the raw power
of life and death
the heaven and hell on earth
that our planet is
as well as all the other planets

and then

we finally get a

glimpse into the

abyss of creation
of a command to create
something from nothing

to see an

event horizon
of a black hole
which is the portal
to the time of Creation
from just the Willed Thought
Of Omnipotence…

which is thee

most powerful force
in the known universe

now standing side by side
with the Supreme Being

and while looking upon

the face of God I say in Spirit…

“Behold your creation

this beautiful enigma of sadness

a sadness of the joy of life

from the enigmatic beauty of death

in which it

Becomes A Soulfully

Spiritual Afterlife

Cosmically Ascended

and I meet our

Universal Savior

first having been
Nirvana Transcended!”

“Life and death are both one in the same; the only difference is the concept and purpose of understanding how they equally serve a purpose towards spiritual enlightenment…

for physical life is temporary where as spiritual life is infinite, but its trapped in a repeated cycle of physical life until that state of spiritual enlightenment is achieved at the threshold of an event horizon…

where life and death is a black hole leading to Omnipotence and where we become Nirvana Transcended finding GOD… the beauty of that is when we become spiritual beings who unlike human beings won’t need oxygen to breathe in order to live…

and guess what???…there’s barely much oxygen in outer space…so Who else but God could have thought of that !” -Roger Chad Satnarine


Black hole is an area of
space-time with a gravitational
field beyond imagination.

The gravitational field so
intense, its escape velocity
equal or exceeds speed of light.

The Holy Book says about Hell
the place of punishment of the lost
or finally impenitent;

Hell is the place of torment of
the wicked; the place of punishment
of the wicked after their death.

Spiritual Books tells hell as
an actual place in physical
universe just like a Black Hole.

Black holes are invisible since
light cannot escape from them to make
themselves visible, so it named.

Black holes existence we know cause
their effect on the matter of the
universe around them, as proved.

Astronomers saw the first signs
of black hole in 1964
when a sounding rocket did see.

It detected the celestial
sources of X-rays according to
viewing of NASA scientists.

The astronomers observed the
X-rays were coming from a bright blue
star orbiting strange dark object.

The same is true for hell; we know
it exists cause the Word of God says
so and because of their effects.

Their effects upon us just as
the Science says black holes exist as
it’s seen their effects on matter.

Like the Hell, Black holes are scary;
Black holes are tombs of matter; nothing
can escape them, not even light.

The fate of anyone falling
into a black hole or reaching Hell
are both same; its very painful.

Reminds “spaghettification,”
an idea that’s popularized
by Stephen Hawking in his book

In spaghettification the
intense gravity of the black hole
would pull one apart totally.

Separating one’s bones, muscles,
sinews and even molecules of
each part of body, nothing left.

In Divine Comedy poem
Poet Dante explained Abandon
hope, all ye who enter here (Hell)

To show people the horrors their
souls would go through if they didn’t obey
God’s laws, didn’t live lives righteously.

Both the Hell and the Black holes do
similar functions; to destroy them
whoever reaches their domain.

by michael mc dermott,Ireland

Once in a final fanciful dream
While booking an outward flight beyond our orbit
As a post late life excursion to be home free
Renée, our guide
From the Inner Cosmos Circle travel Council
Sent us a stark advice memo
To let her grandparents know
That on programmed interplanetary journeys
Or visits to dark remote lunar ocean beaches
The Council could not assure spiritual resolution
Or tranquillity for older lovers
Without support from her authentic astral poetry
Of the kind that paves celestial airways
With tears from final dream kisses

by Tom George

there was an unhinged poet
who threw metaphors, like tantrums, out so far
that they broke away in mid-flight
not so much like a javelin thrower
as like a space module separating
from its launch rockets
which so angered the poetry gods
they sent him to the event horizon
of a black hole to fire his random metaphors
as whim and fancy took him

some flew towards the black hole
and disappeared into darkness
others flew away and survived
and lit up the cosmos
and so in this way
he balanced on his perch
orbiting the black hole
producing good and bad poetry
in equal measure
until a passing piece of rock
nudged him into the black hole
rather like a pool ball being potted into a corner pocket
only with irrevocable consequences

The event horizon of a black hole is the boundary defining the region of space around a black hole from which nothing (not even light) can escape. In other words, the escape velocity for an object within the event horizon exceeds the speed of light.

As particle-antiparticle pairs spontaneously come into existence near to the event horizon of a black hole sometimes the black hole captures one of the pair, so that rather than immediately annihilating each other, the other of the pair escapes the black hole’s gravitational pull and is seen as electromagnetic radiation emitted by the black hole, an effect known as Hawking Radiation.

“be the crystal cup that shattered even as it rang”-Rainer Maria Rilke (from THE SONNET TO ORPHEUS)

Mumtaz Noori Contest: “Your Best #18”.
Peripatetic Contest: “Free Verse Poetry”.
Dawnsome Contest: “Something never written before”.
Verses Goliath Contest: “abstracts not meant for easy digestion”.
Silpika Kalita Contest: “Topic of your choice (followers only)”.
Tmishael Contest: “192: The best abstractions”.
Stonecreek Contest: “Your Most Interesting Title”.
Abdou Contest: “Thought Provoking(Free verse)”.
Chris Wass Contest: “March Fruit”.
BlueButterfly Contest: “Second Chance CONTEST!”.
OverTheRainbo6 Contest: “In Space/Galaxy”.
What I love most about space/galaxies are black holes and their mystery.

Word Count 133.
Line Count 23.

© 2 years ago


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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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November 21,2022




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