Modern Alemseged Sonnet Poems and examples :

117 Poetry styles invented by Aleme Gammo ( Alemseged Sisay)

Rule of Alemseged’s Sonnet, the 15th poetry style invention

Alemseged’s Sonnet is a 14 line sonnet poem with 12 syllables in each line. Detail rules of Alemseged’s Sonnet are as follows:

— It has three stanzas two Sestet and one Envoy
— The envoy follows after two Sestet Stanzas at the end.
— Each line has 12 syllables exactly
— Refrain or anaphora of the 1st line’s 1st strophe is added after the 1st strophe of the 6th line of each Sestet to be an ending strophe of its own Sestet.
— The Rhyme Scheme of the 1st Sestet is aabbcA ; The 2nd Sestet is ddeefD .
— The first strophe of the first line is the refrain at the end of the stanza
— The rhyming Scheme of the envoy is gg

Can’t you trust? ( Poetic form : Alemseged’s Sonnet)

By P K ROY,India

Tell me, how long I will wait for you, what to do?
losing patience I’m waiting for you all day through;
I’ve no energy left still forcefully wait;
rapidly walk throughout room, I’m trying to think straight;
Whenever I am hearing any sound of feet
rushing to look on street, should I wait more, tell me;

Just can’t sit, quietly without thought on my seat;
You know well I am eagerly waiting to meet.
Time to return to sweet home, waited all day long
to greet; I would not judge, if I was right or wrong;
Sinking into frustration, sometime can’t control,
loneliness kills; yes, feeling to cry, just can’t sit

Whole day thought about us, what’s said in wedding vow;
I trusted you all along, can’t you trust me now?


Spring in Springton Village [Alemseged’s Sonnet ]

Carmela M. Patterson-Mooney,Pennsylvania, United States

In greatest anticipation I await Spring

the most beautiful blossoms a season can bring

I can’t wait to see pink and white Magnolia trees

bright yellow daffodils dancing in softest breeze

and perfumed Honeysuckle trailing wire trellis

with blue birds singing their sweet songs, I await Spring.


On lakeside path skittering squirrels reappear

their comical behavior never fails to cheer

duck families swim together quacking loudly

as a bright turquois peacock struts about proudly

I hear the cacophonies of honking flying geese

rippling lake glistens in full sun on lakeside path.


In this heavenly area I feel quite blessed

and to be living here I never would have guessed.


Seabird and the Goldfish (Alemseged’s Sonnet)

by Poet Arash Zohhadi, from Netherlands

A plain rod-man sits on the edge of a chert cliff
Hasn’t caught a fish in years now hangs in disbelief
One day a seabird flies to him drops him a fish
As he looks closer he sees it is a catfish
He doesn’t trust in Jesus and denounces the catch
Seabird doesn’t mind knows he is just a plain rod-man

Next day the bird comes back drops him a shiny pearl
He becomes blinded by the treasure peers evil
Goldfish he brings for the bird dreams for better luck
When seabird eats the goldfish it becomes a clerk
Clerk rages at fisherman asking for his gloss
Tense fisherman breaks down shuns to return next day

A few months later the scared fisherman returns
Now with a pedant of Jesus and ripe onions

New Horizons (Alemseged’s Sonnet)

Mazterpeace,Florida, United States

Here I sit staring at the keyboard working on another piece.
Hoping that what I type will be my greatest Mazterpeace.
Thinking to myself how very adolescent and very cliché.
That I used my own name in the writing in an amateur way.
It would probably be easier if I brainstormed it all first.
Pick up the pen and start to think, then here I sit staring.

Gather myself to start like a shepherd does his flock.
There’s some more in my reserves, so I check my stock.
Pick my subject and start to type with determination.
Really cannot afford to pause and stop with hesitation.
Whatever I type I want to be my greatest Mazterpeace.
Love this piece glad I thought it out, at it here I sit staring.

I knew I was talented enough to complete this contests task.
I never did this before, but was still able to get a good grasp.


Magic Key (Alemseged Sonnet)

Beth Evans,Australia

I wish that I could find myself the magic key
That would unlock the door to the best poetry,
Creativity that is so illustrious
That it seems to illuminate the very page,
And words of praise would be phrased in hyperbole,
With “genius” whispered with over awed respect,
But though I claim to be always industrious,
I still cannot make the stern, godlike critics rage,
One may dream of having golden verses quoted,
By one’s ardent followers, deeply devoted,
But in the end one has to learn to be content
With a few words of kind encouragement.


Posted by Poetry Education 25/08/2022



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