Modern Koori poems

Modern Koori poems and how to write koori poems

koori Poems

Koori poem is poetry of no needing rhyme but strictness of syllable. The basic building block of koori poem are three stanzas of three lines each with syllable count
5/7/5–2/3/2–5/7/5; that is to mean two haiku with in the middle a 2/3/2 stanza. If you need to continue by adding other stanzas you can add one 2/3/2 stanza with a haiku but never to end the poem with the 2/3/2 stanza. The conclusion of the poem must be with a haiku stanza. You can write many stanzas by sampling by cascading additional stanzas.

Sunrise (Koori Poem)

By Dolly

glorious sunrise
rising above in winter
a wonderful day

grey clouds
wild shrubs spread
can't see

sun sinking to sea
lonely person enjoying
glorifying love

Bird of November [koori]

by Aleme Gammo

i like to hear songs
in umbrella of shadows
while roses smile bloom
the bird
why ogling
on me
fallen leaves dancing
finished their long living stage
reaching at the soil
the bird
to catch
she couldn’t catch any
started singing a love song
chirp on the bole


dancing girl

by Wakamura

tall the grandma says
time erases and returns
taps on their bosoms
soothing charm
jazz gifts
traits carried in each of them
forever they dance
tall dreams
mom whispers
we are
sculptures of life
art flowing from head to toe
tomorrows bearers


by Lonna Lewis Blodgett,California, United States

with the day’s bright light
warm sun shall fill glowing hearts
but soon night shall come

moon stealing
sun beams

all it’s gleam borrowed
moonshine lighting lover’s hearts
a thief in the night


by doodlebug

The shadow I leave
may be greater than life
and loved long
my passing.
I am
not gone until
the ripples I created have
faded from life,
with the death of
the last
who remember me
when my family gather
to celebrate.

Cotton candy

by Deep Red

Wandering clouds caught
soaked in colours of twilight -
cotton candy, pink.

Spun, melt,
cooled sugar

Twilight stays a sweet
scar as I pull out my tongue —
cotton candy pink.

Loquacious (Poetic form :: Koori Poems)


Haven’t you marked some like
to talk continuously
won’t stop from speaking

They won’t
find dearth of

They speak beyond norm
of society with no
break to share their views.

They don’t
feel dislike
of rest;

This conduct happens
to strike self-perceived thought to
bestow competence

to share
train of thought
with rest

Compulsion is due
to desire to speak about
what they have gathered.

5/7/5–2/3/2–5/7/5 poetic style for Aleme Gammo

5/7/5–2/3/2–5/7/5 poetic style for Aleme Gammo
by Rosewinter515

Poetic styles are fine
Not all of them rhyme or
Even scan easily
But we
Write anyway
It is a joy to
Experiment without fear
Little poetry

By A Fiancé Betrayed

by Andrew Troy Kell

Steve went over to
Jason’s place because he has
great news to tell the
guy. But
when Steve knocked
on the
door and nobody
answered, he peeked into the
bedroom window and
shocked at the
sight of
his best friend letting
his fiancé Nicole ride
that stiff cock before
she saw
a pissed off
Steve and
wanted to get her
ass off of Jason and out
of there real quick.


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