Modern PK ROY Style poems of international poets and how to write PK ROY style poems:

Definition PK ROY style

PK Roy style is a poetry style of 6 lines , which has no rhyme but syllable count of 7/5/7/5–6/6

1- Glory to Him

The everlasting Father,
thru Him blessings flow —
Your Son our living Savior,
grace to us His gift…

He’s our mediator,
to Him all glory give.

2- Words

by James Branham

What we say can hurt real bad
Make us feel good to
Let us be careful with talk
It can cause much harm
It may also cause good
Let us just watch our tongue.

3- #1341/How I achieved my dreams

by Lou Woodfae

I am living out today (7)
dreams of yesterday.(5)
By leaving the dark behind (7)
and seeking God’s light, (5)
I was guided to change (6)
what I should to succeed.(6)

4- Poet Laureate Roy

Roy writes various forms
in English & mastered
Roy's poems are unique
a poet laureate
writes with thought provoking
to inspire other poets

5- To the world Laurette of all Alemseged Styles poet PK ROY [PK ROY style]
by Aleme Gammo

two thousands and more styles
as he did write with
and all Alemseged Styles
based on deep research
no one done in this world
he is a world Laurette

6- Your contribution[PKROY Poem]

Aleme your contribution
is noteworthy; to
invent a new form always
pose a great challenge;

Yet you have overcome,
composed many new forms.

7- A Greek Mythology Sex Dream [PK Roy Style]

by Andrew Troy Kell

Holly felt something go in
her pussy which made
her open those eyes and see
her be fucked by a
minotaur while her best
friend Tasha cups those tits.

8- Heart of Poetry (PK Roy style)

To bless with one’s poetry
is a gift to all,
to touch their hearts with your words.
Salve to hurting souls.

Love’s the motivation
that brings the divine down.

9- Christmas Wish (PK Roy Style)

It’s Christmas time once again
we join together
peace and tolerance for all
giving to the poor

may it carry over
through the year and beyond


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Administrator Alemseged Sisay

Addis Ababa,Ethiopia

November 23,2022




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