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India (Alemseged alphabetical rhyme scheme )

By Dolly Bhaskaran

India is my own country (A)

It is diverse and vast (B)

I live in the extreme south near the sea©

It is naturally beautiful to see (D)

The landscape and scenic beauty are the most(B)

One love to watch, visit and spend time most (B)

This is one of our traditional costumes of Kerala (E)

August is the month of our Festival Onam (F)

and people love to wear the traditional clothing (G)

The people look extremely beautiful (H)

in this costume and they wear jasmine flowers on Onam (F)

on their hair which adds to their beauty on this day of Onam (F).

Traditional dress of Kerala reflects the inherent (I)

simplicity and the essence of the state (J)

The most popular dress is Mundum Neriyatham (K)

which is worn by both men and women( L)

It had broad golden Kasavu coloured borders (J)

They have even made sarees with this same Kasavu border (J)

some women wear sarees on festive days and called Kasavu saree.(M)

Hindu men wear the kasavu mundus on festive days (N)

very much popular in rural and remote areas (O)

All these gives them extra beauty (P)

The people look extremely beautiful in these days (N)

this costume and they wear jasmine flowers on hair also on these days (N)

All people will look beautiful on this day (Q)

They all look healthy and happy (R )

North is different from south same as east different to west (S)

In every state they have separate festivals (T)

Onam day’s theme is achieved by this day(Q)

Everyone’s ambition of being fulfilled on this day(Q)

India is very colourful and happy country (U)

Due to its variety and different festivals (V)

All over the year India celebrate different festivals (W)

The literacy rate in India is quite high compared to other countries (X)

I love to live in Kerala due to the cultural influences (V)

The literacy rate in India is quite high compared to other countries (V)

Landscapes ,mountain and nature’s beauty in this state (Y)

I love my country,and I am proud to be an Indian (Z)

“God’s own country” is named for this state (Y)

Due to the richness of culture and the variety of foods we take as Indian (Z)

— — — — — — — — — —

This Is America [Alemseged Simple Style]

By Johnathan Zeno

No, This is America. The history says.
Its the land that was free and the home of the slave.
Manifest destiny. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Genocidal. Yet it wears an elegant dress.
Its shoes of natural resources still top markets.
To lead the free world? No, This is America.

When will we all be free? This is America.
This land was their land but built by my hands for her.
Constitution. The dream of the most evil persons.
Meanwhile all others were ordained to be worthless
A patriarchal utopia where sin is spared
Hell is what they call it. When will we all be free?

Don’t sleep on what is happening around me and you
Addressing the conceit is the only way through.

This Is America(Poetic Form : Alemseged Simple Style)


Main message is all about guns and violence
in America, focuses on racism and
violence in Afro-American communities
in the United States through the eyes of some artists;
Every time a gun used to take a life, a sound of silence
prevails, can’t one fight violence with non-violence?

I love my country/ Alemseged’s Simple Rhyming Scheme Poetry

BY Lindsey Carol

America started with a revolution
founded on a constitution
based on a Bible
With a dream of FREEDOM
coming from a far off land
running from over-taxation

standing for our rights brave men died
for them we are full of pride
Known as the land of the free
And the home of the brave
For in God we trust
And God is on our side

For now its time for us to take a stand
against the wickedness in our land
Politicians have taken bribes
and failed us with foreign policies
planning IRS raids on citizens
planning on removing weapons from our hands

Its time for us to turn back to the Bible
wicked ways have made us libel
men say what is good, is bad
and what is bad, is good
accusing righteous men evil deeds themselves have done
Let us repent and have a revival

I love my country
land of liberty
we are free to say what we wish
we own houses, cars and businesses
freedom to enter into a church or our choice
Where all men are given common courtesy

French Revolution (Poetic Form : Alemseged Simple Style)


It sought to completely change the relationship
between the rulers and those they governed and to
redefine nature of political power.
Brought equality, freedom, democratic rights
to individuals, putting an end to dictatorship;
inspired other revolutions, helped to create kinship.

Put an end to the feudal system, disbanded
a kingdom and its monarchy, and established
civil laws and fairer representation of all
peoples under governance, it served to unify
and strengthened very well France as a country, expanded
the thought of unity, sense of justice commanded.

French Revolution (Alemseged Simple)

By Dolly Bhaskaran

when a period of radical political and societal change
ended with the formation of French consulate in 1799
The values which created dominated the politics till this day
Political divisions and economical stagnation to rearrange
by consulate and it lasted 10 years, 6months and four days to manage
and generally seen as the end of the revolutionary period to rearrange

India (Poetic form : Alemseged Simple Style )

India (Poetic form : Alemseged Simple Style )
(Officially the Republic of India)

India is one of the oldest civilizations
in the world spanning a period of more than 4000 years
and and witnessing the fusion of many customs,
languages, and religions; that’s reflective of our rich
culture / heritage, it continues for generations
despite differences still united, kept good relations.

Indians love to live in peace and harmony, respect
others’ views; it’s an integrated country where people show
brotherhood among others; people generally place
high value on harmony and unity with others,
keeping a strong nexus with their community, a correct
way to build a strong support system and to connect

Independent India[Alemseged Simple]

Professor Brundaban panda,India

I am lucky son of Independent India,
I have studied India’s freedom fight
I have studied Law of Constitution,
I know fundamental rights, duties
I am Lawyer as son of mother India
I offered law student full legal idea.

India( Bharat) with eastern culture,
Indus valley civilization inspires us
India is Land of Veda within world
India’s solar dynasty from Lord Sun
Important kingdom Kaling also here.
It is birth place of Sun says scripture

In my Kalinga king Ashoka, Kharvela,
In history their names forever famous
In place of Kalinga newly Utkal name
It’s higher fame under king Kapilendra
It was the golden era by his heroic role
In present time Utkal gets Odisha call.

India’s one prominent freedom fighter
Internationally famous dazzling man
In name of Mr.Subhas Chandra Bose
Is Netaji, Gandhi Pitaji, Nehru Chachaji
I salute these three, those were wise
Indian independence their gifted prize.

India’s four Vedas, Gita, Mahabharat,
Inclusive of 18 scriptures Vyas wrote
In living body he is living our believe
Importance of Manusmriti, Ramayan
Including Arthasastra Indian wealth
Influencing morally politically in earth.

Importance of ten reincarnation vital
In shape of fish, tortoise, pig, man-lion,
In name of Baman, Parsuram, Rama
In eigth form Balaram, Krishna Lord
In ninth reincarnation Budha we call
In last reincarnation Lord’s Kalki Role.

India, my mother India soul salutes you,
I salute pious national flag of my India
I honor the honorable freedom fighter
In freedom fight who gave their blood
I eat food of India and breathe air too
I am lucky lawyer poet of India is true.

French Revolution[Alemseged Simple]

Professor Brundaban panda,India

Foundation knowledge be firm from history,
Freedom fight was hidden mystery of past
For example a study of French Revolution
Favored France to face few radical changes
Fields are political and social duly necessity
From 5 May1789 start, 9 Nov, 1799 complete

From Paris kingdom of France was location
Future revolutions highly motivated by this
Freedom fight provides peace after freedom
Freedom is fundamental right under the Law
French Consulate in Nov 1799 got formation
From historical studies mind gets inspiration

Fortunate to get an opportunity to write poem,
French Revolution specially historical subject
Focusing on Alemseged simple rhyming style
Formulating poetic literature for the education
Fully satisfied cause I meet one contest game
From body life soul goes keeping poetic fame.


Posted by Poetry Education 30/08/2022



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