Modern Shoa Poems and Selcted Shoa poems of International poets :

Damot Sore (ዳሞት ሶሬ)

Shoa Poems

Shoa poem is a six lines poetry which has rhyme of the 3rd and 4th lines only with having 4 syllables in each lines exactly.

Hermits [Shoa Poem]

By Aleme Gammo

More Introverts
Wishes for love
So romantic
Fear to ask you
But needs to be

The Story (Poetic form ::Shoa Poem)


Mom why you stopped?
Tell what happened;
hearing story
dreamt king’s glory;
Have you forgot
what the king did?

What Are You Looking At?

By Andrew Troy Kell

Liz walked in and
saw John with two
chicks and how thick
he got his dick
which made her strip
down and suck it.

Love (Shoa Poem)

By Dolly

basis of love
lies within you
love is feeling
it is healing
deal with no pain
reveals the truth


By Shelley A. Cephas

a garden patch
in faerie land
this lion flies
with butterflies
who love to hear
his gentle purr

clutter [Shoa Poem]

By Bobbie D

bones are creaking
as morning breaks
dawn of the dust
I loathe but must
dredge this old house
of chance tokens

Hallowed Prayer for Peace


Perfumed garden
Eden roses
Green apple tree
World now set free
All Saints’ Day pray
For world of Peace

A shoa poem for Aleme Gammo
by Rosewinter515
October 30th, 2022

Heartache’s Voice (Shoa)

By Michelle Campbell

Comfort me Yah
in this deep pain.
You alone know
my deep sorrow.
Let Your mercy
flow through my soul.


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