Modern Wazaka Style poems of International Poets

Wazaka poem is a five lines poem with 7/7/8/7/2 syllable and a rhyme scheme of ababc. Its rhyme scheme seems like the beginning stanza of Décima Italiana but not as its c rhyme an oxytone or masculine rhyme. The Wazaka’s c rhyme is only the theme of the poem’s 4 lines explanation concluded in two syllable word. This style is one of the invention of Aleme Gammo.

Hippopotamus [Wazaka]

With Frog eyes and belly kegs
Ugly and bulky body
Walks on the grass its stumpy legs
Sleeps in water’s upper dowdy

Poem by Aleme G

Other Wazaka Poem Examples

The Power of the Crown of Pain

Poet from Missouri, United States

It’s a bruise that cuts me deep,
wearing my hatred with pride.
For this encumbrance I must weep,
till I can cast it aside.

Zen [Wazaka]

Adam Smith, Israel

The nest is up high above
There is a reason skyline
Gets far in the messenger’s grove
None ever attended the mind
I solve


Look gelada, bleeding-heart,
With dark face and pale eyelids!
Once, a warrior with broken heart,
From Ethiopian Highlands:

The stellar story (Poetic Form — Wazaka)

Silpika Kalita

Feet stretch into constellations
my hands weave to the pulsation
of a fibre supernova explosion
the stellar story neither start
nor end

I’m Lost

Melissa Davilio

I tiptoe through the darkness
I linger within the light
I search for a certain starkness
I find only in the night
I’m lost

Black Cats (wazaka)

Poetess Sydney

Unfair beacons of bad luck
With twitching tails and small paws
Climbing fences to run amok
With amber eyes and sharp claws
Black cats

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