Mourning poems for the death of Queen Elizabeth II from best international poets

By Rachel Lawson,Australia

Ring the bells of London for the queen on her death,
ring the bells of London the queen as passed away,
ring the bells of London the king is on his way,
ring the bells of London for her son on his accession day,
long live King Charles the 3rd.

By Esjays Fountain

She was always there:
a young princess serving
in the war effort,
falling in love at such a
tender age, and held
by a nation’s affection
when descending
from the aeroplane -
a very slender
Queen in mourning.
She has bookended
my entire life and,
as I wait to die as well,
it is her character
I mourn. The passing
of those traits that make
us greater — the value of
considered judgment,
the necessary silences,
the grace that comes from
duty and humility.
As a republican, who seeks
in vain for nobility in modern
politicians, I weep and say:
Give me back my Queen.

BY Nan529,UK

Words on paper letters jumbling around my head.
How do l put into words our beautiful Queen is dead.
Mother to many nations, Queen of the Commonwealth.
From this little Island we all mourn her death.

She had a smile that could light up a room.
All who met her said she put them at ease.
To some she was a hero doing her duty in the WW2.
To the very young she had tea with Paddington Bear, and loved Winnie the Poo.
We all celebrated her Platinum Jubilee, how we all cheered.

At Christmas she would speak to us.
Wishing us all the very best as she held her people in her heart.
Chin up she carried on missing her dear Phillip.
On Tuesday we saw her lovely smile; yet how frail she looked.
She was steadfast right up to the end.

Heads of state are mourning her passing too.
This shows how much they held her in respect.
We all knew this sad day would come to pass.
It’s so so sad our beloved Queen is dead.
So thank you ma’am for all your hard work.

As the bells of Westminster Chime your passing.
Your people will never forget you we hold you dear.
There will always be a place for you in our hearts.
May Phillip be there for you to take your hand.

By Gordon R. Mon

The British queen died.
A fifth wheel. So why did I.
have a Yankee cry?

Aleme Gammo,Ethiopia

She was like every child
who were allowed not to be mild
but begotten
from their mothers
and fathers
with wills of God to hold the ruling rod
no one can blame for that because she weren’t clod
her queenship majestic ledger that was wrote with quill
was not done by her own will
but with the destiny rewarded upon her from tussle
for her ancestors sacrifices and struggle
to get the strategic apex of the kingship’s monarch
then got the nation’s feather on her hat’s mark

She was like every child
gamboled keenly on this world
went picnic might was wild
laughed the beauty of her smile
adored nature like we adored ebbed for hostile
thought for mercy like we think
however, she was not as we were much a gink
chosen not to live only merely
as others citizens in suffer drudgingly
vested on her stresses and powers of leadership
to govern nations in kingship

The truth is we all are mortals on this earth
and eternal after our death
she gone to the next stage of living place
throwing her throne to be ruled, hence
under the kingdom of Jesus
weighed equally with every human beings
like blacks and Caucasians but not as angels who have wings
RIP to queen Elizabeth II
albeit nothing i got woo
from UK’s citizens and company to pay for my woe due

By Eliza Jean,United Kingdom

“The Whole of my Life,
Whether it be Long or Short……….”

Are you here to mark her passing
as you were when she was born ?
The dark sky hangs low tonight
promising a sad yet silver morn.

Rainbows touch the lit-up palace
when rain stops its silver weeping.
Where footsteps hurry along the Mall,
soldiers their watch are keeping.
The closure of an Age has come,
a time of revolutionary change.
She has been there, non-political about
so many things both new and strange.

And now, going forward as we must,
be hopeful of future fields of golden corn.
Are you here to mark my passing,
as you were when I was born ?

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

By Rosewinter515

God bless Queen Elizabeth the Second
Now raised into the heavenly host with her husband Prince Philip
Thank you for your love for us all Amen


By Bob Pallister

Through my entire life and more
The figurehead upon our prow
Our voyage from darker past to now
Through history; its ocean’s roar

Through changed Prime ministers; fourteen
Through seven decades’ arching years
Through all our hopes and fights and fears
One constant mother-light; our Queen

By Tri Tran,California, United States

Audible wails echo from all five continents back to England.
Verbal condolences passed to the new king
While England mourned the loss of her queen Elizabeth II.

Tears like rain drops upon the country’s auburn soil,
Trickling to the Thames to merge with the English channel.

Lord Nelson on his column wept for the passing of his royalty,
Now forever feeling sorrowful and sorry for her.

For the first time the eyes of London stopped rotating,
And planet Earth temporarily ceased pulsating.

Piccadilly Circus a cemetery for tourists and the local to commiserate E.R II.

O Let all the church bells loudly ring
their mournful melodies over the death
of our beloved Queen of the World
O Let the regal flag of the Union Jack
fly in the gentle breeze at only half mast

O Let us all continuing holding hands
across the water and hands across the sky
May the lasting friendship our two nations
continue to flourish and to also to endure
the tests of the hour glass of time itself

O Let all the church bells loudly ring
loudly through all of the lands celebrating
the passage of a glorious monarch entering
into the kingdom of heaven and no longer
a beloved daughter of the earth below

O Let us all bow our heads and humbly pray
for the eternal soul of our gracious queen o’er
all of the lands, the seas and the skies
Not only in the nations o’er in the nations o’er
which the Union Jack flies but all of the world

All of my love
All of my hopes
All of my sympathies
right now abide with
all of thee!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry
Roxy Lea/ October Country
September 09, 2022

© 3 days ago, Roxy Lea 1954 or October Coun

— — — — — — — — -

By Aleme Gammo,Ethiopia
Reigned 70 years and 214 days
Abdicated due to death far away
Gone to heaven the old queen
Once up on the time here she was seen
Beside the king for her visitation
Of the holy land Ethiopia, to love’s enunciation
In 1965, albeit her realm was oppressing others nations
She respected us for our heroism
With less interest of colonialism egoism

My wish to you is my Lord’s woo to your soul ever
Rest in peace; be in heavens with Jesus forever

BY Dolly, UK

She ruled commonwealth countries
we mourn for Queen Elizabeth
rest in peace with her husband

She was queen for more than 70 years
a grandmother and a mother
loved by many in the world

politicians paid tribute
tributes from all over the world
flowers piled up on front gates

Welcomed the future King Charles 3
People showered her with their love
waiting for the funeral

By Lindsay

Poignant. 🍃

There’s always something on the news
That brings fresh bouts of tears
As after all, she’s been our rock
For many constant years
It’s hard to read a newspaper
Or turn on the tv
Without a phrase or quote or line
That resonates with me

She passed on at Balmoral
It was said, her favourite place
She spent a lot of childhood there
Grew into style and grace
For now her coffin lies in state
Inside the ballroom there
Where as a girl she laughed and danced
With ribbons in her hair

She’ll make her final travel home
Through Scottish roads and streets
Then fly back to her English roots
A journey bittersweet
And everywhere she rides from here
The crowds will mourn and cry
With deep respect and bowing heads
They’ll wave a last goodbye.

By David Hyatt-Bickle,UK

In the green graced Castle of Balmoral
After she saw Platinum roads and walls
The Queen passed away without a quarrel
Queen of the land where the sun never falls
Now the sun will free her with our prayer calls
Under the rainbow of colours and years
Her brave soul ascended through the sky’s tears
Now, we pray, she will see colours unseen
Now, she will walk on diamond roads of squares
Now, we pray, she’ll live in Pleroma’s green

Name: David Hyatt-Bickle
Nationality: UK, England

By Arlice W. Davenport,Kansas, United States

(On the occasion
of Queen Elizabeth II’s death)

Flayed on a spit I sweat fat
into the slow-moving fire
if I had died on marble steps
I would be a martyr

Anonymity crowds my mind
still supple still scrawled
across aging parchment
my markings flow into her throne
like an abstract river

A crown of light explodes
above my head eager to reign
in flame and blood I rise
in succession to the king’s dark closet
fat splatters as royal tears

By lorrie west,Michigan, United States

I will miss her
I will miss her smiles
I am saded for the lost
Queen Elizabeth II was
A beautiful Queen I am
Crying and crying over
This Queen god bless

By Maggie Z Brown,New Zealand

The Whole of my Life,
Whether it be Long or Short…”

And now, lengthy days between death and funeral weep by;
a flag-draped coffin visiting the towns along the way
a cortège of officialdom getting
in the way of grief and flowers left beside the road.

Her stalwart daughter rides a limousine
behind the hearse
and knows both of them would much prefer
it was a horse.

Sweet peas from her castle garden sacrificed
to scent the air above the frail remains,
wilting on the long way round to Holyrood
House slash Palace at Canongate, Edinburgh

Lothian, EH8 8DX, in case someone wishes to send
a black-edged letter of condolence
to Scotland’s…

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor
“May ‘flights of angels sing thee to thy rest’,”

This last line by courtesy of
William Shakespeare’s (Hamlet), and
King Charles III’s first speech.

By Cesca Brown — New Zealand

coming into our living rooms every Christmas
gracious with a new message of hope each year
a reminder of what we had endured good and no so
the strength we had and needed to continue onward

we saw a mother, a grandmother, in time a great grandmother
we too had felt pain of broken hearts within our own families
the enjoyment felt of a new prince or princess giving joy
with the hope and promise of better days ahead

how could someone work so long with such grace
tired at a much younger age we all seem to be
the service to so many must be said out loud in history
pages will be written in old scripts from stone cathedrals

jubilees of horses with feathers and golden carriages
guns of salute, flags flying beyond palaces to wild heather
special words of glory to the Jack of governance held
we bow and courtesy with respect beholden to only one

my Queen, Elizabeth R, your majesty of faraway Realms
always there knowing what we needed to hear
you have been our precious light, our Stay of Stays
Godspeed to you, rest with your Prince in eternal peace

Cesca Brown — New Zealand

In honour of Queen Elizabeth R — New Zealand a member of the Commonwealth
Queen Elizabeth always called Prince Philip — her Stay


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