Selected best poems for Inner pains from international poets

Ebony Femslant

Let me step out of the crevices
carved by race-sexual expectations
and state my own flavor.
I am hellacious.
Cause I know
I have worked my ass off
to achieve what my white counterpart
achieved yesterday,
if not the day before.

Just deeply bone marrow aware,
it ain’t easy being Black and a woman
as you have perhaps heard.
I ain’t terribly fond of explaining my sentiments.
We make babies.
Most of us aspire to be good Mothers.
We do our best
despite critical layers of societal duress.

We ain’t superwomen
but are expected to perform super feats
Captives caught between a rock of majority rule
and the hard place where a double minority
must struggle to rule.
What others may want from us
ain’t necessarily acceptable as our distinct given.
The end of our paths is not predestined.
Our pathways may be altered or recharted
ONLY by higher rites of passage
and self-determination.
*********************************** *
“YES”, shouted ebony women
in unison with me.

Follow truth

Dark skies roll in
Thoughts eluding the prayers
given heavenly

Sorrow a blanket to hide in
Feeling falls to rise again
Afraid of winning
Afraid to share the world I live in
Wayward thoughts stealing energy

A circle of reaction
keeps the hoop alive
I paint my own picture
Suffer the day
Or watch the clouds fade away

These dark emotions tingling
with pain, trying to reach out
frustrated, killing you, hitting you,
punishing you, without a clue
These feelings are tricking you

For treading on this sacred path,
nothing can make you,
no evil spirit
can touch you without your power,
the power of will

Your power is his power

The one who guides you
The one who watches over you


faith stands upon
the highest mountain.

Cursed or Privileged

Pretty privilege- the idea that life will be easier if you’re attractive.
It may be true. I have never paid for cocktail.
I have been called a bitch, simply for existing.
My creativity and intelligence come second to my superficial.
It proves hard to tell if people impressed with my ethics or my long legs.
I have worked so hard to be kind and smart- only to be noticed for my big eyes and thin waist.
Men stare uncomfortably.
Women say I am intimidating.
Even now, someone reading, “Oh, how hard it must be to be seen as attractive”
But look beyond the surface-
If pretty is my privilege, it’s also my title.
And I am so much more than that.

Revealed Regrets

Hot water streaks down my cheeks
As I slowly breathe out, pushing the bad from me
Confused and turned upside down
My life as I know it, is spiraling to the ground

I try to hold on to positive thoughts
But my brain is fogged and completely distraught
Immediate relief is what I seek
But relief to this pain is obsolete

Smiles hide misery and inner defeat
As I try to maintain on the same upbeat
Sorrow fills my emptiness and weighs down deep
For the love I once had is softly killing me

My glow is dimmed and fading fast
The warmth I gave is cold as glass
Sharp to the touch as rigid as can be
Take me back to where my heart beat free

Boldly as a drum blood pumping fast
If I knew what I know now
I would have said “So sorry, I’ll pass”
Walked away and not looked back as that would have been the last of that

~ Experiencing Pain ~

I’ve experienced pain later in life,
I admit I carried my pain,
shattered for years,
didn’t know what to do.

I caved into my pain,
never let people help me,
I was wrong not to say anything,
I burden myself with the pain.

We all experience pain differently,
we don’t react the same way,
but the hurt inside us
has the same intensity.

Pain kills your heart, mind, body, and soul,
recognized not to harbor pain,
find support in the people you love,
Be open and release that pain.

I have learned to accept my pain,
in doing so made life easier for me,
I have learned to call on God
I surrender myself to Him.

I learn that in every pain
there is a lesson learned,
pain strengthened my relationship with God,
made me realize the beauty in life.

In Love with Her Moonlight

It will always take forever to get your heart

Winter after Winter
Spring after Spring

I’ll foolishly be there
being your fool.

I’ll wait by a mountainside
in a faraway foreign country

by a dry and desolate dessert
suffering in the heart of a harsh unrequited love letter

under a mausoleum
of unanswered calls
and unreciprocated confessions

this heart was indeed made of up of false sentiments
superficial cause..

yet I could not help but chase her
even unto the pathetic recollections
of the realization that she wants nothing from me

only to toy with this puppet who deliberately set the strings
to a motion to be hers and only-

I was warned by the moonlight
not to be her prince

guided by the sunlight
to turn back the way I came

Scolded by her Father
into understanding that I would never be enough

to be honest with you

I would still give our love an opportunity to speak
and to forever hold its peace

we’re in too deep
my heart and I.

we were never too intuitive to begin with

but we have guts and we have a willingness to never let go

so let us be your glory.

for even if you move to another planet
to another space
to a different dimension in a far off galaxy

I’ll still be there
chasing your shadow
proposing we find a quiet place beneath some shade.

and I’ll start all over
right from the start and the beginning

whether in this life or in next

I will never stop confessing
to this hearts yearning for our embrace.

this is my pain,
that our hearts will never be able to feel,
each other’s loving embrace.

the tell time heart

by Chromatic prayer

Let go of a second.

It is nothing.

Let go of a minute.

It is still nothing.

Let go of an hour.

I am
the gorilla in the room.

Let go of a day.

The gorilla goes mad.

Let go of a week.

One begins
to question the meaning of life.

Let go of a year.

I must be dead.

Let go of a century.

All the pains
flow away with the river Yellow.


did you go to the mountain when i the valley

isn’t it fun being mad
it sharpens the focus
until everything else
is out of focus
as that was just a moment it wasn’t me
but you got more than a moment out of that
so was that you

but i suppose i shouldn’t pause on this
but to reverberate
how you don’t see
what flashes
me back upset over loss of cloud
barely with a moment to be named

but coin no con with who’s to be constancy
to start within

but you look at me
as i do a bruise
when did i hurt myself
and soft moment can impact hard


Selected and posted by Poetry Education

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Administrator Alemseged Sisay

Telephone number 0985205580

September 21,2022




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