Up-Down-Up Haku and Down-Up-Down Haku Poems

Be passionate to the love of Haku poetry

Aleme Gammo, the only poet in the world who invented more than 115 poetry styles


Every haiku and Senryu poems are included in a haku poems definition.

Theorizing a haku poetry
Every haiku, Senryu and poems wih similar structures are haku poems

A haiku consists of three lines, with the first and last lines having five “moras,” and the middle line having seven (referred to as the 5–7–5 structure). Since the moras do not translate well into English, the haiku has been adapted to where syllables are used as moras.

Definition of Haku poem:

Haku is not a haiku and not the Hawaiian haku poetry writing but a haku of Aleme Gammo.

Definition of a haku Poem:

A haku is a poetry style of three lines that its lines are not in rhyme but have 7/8/7 syllable of each; Since the kelem is not translated to English due to its complexity of the Amharic and English language Pseudoscientific language comparison techniques, because there are only five vowels in English and more than five voice tones measuring letters as a vowel in Amharic, called kelem as a syllable. Sometimes some poets write a haku poem with different syllabic structures but most haku poems are written with a 7/8/7 structure that is called the down-up-down haku forms.

General rules of a haku poetry

The other rule of a haku poem is its up-down-up and down -up-down syllable play rule if you need to versify your haku poem with freedom of adding or subtracting syllables from the usual 7/8/7 format. That is to choose your syllable number of the first line and use it on the first line, then down one in number your syllable number to the second line, finally return back to the upper line syllable number to the third line.


UP-Down-Up Haku

Mind Of Mahatma Gandhi[haku 13/12/13]

Mind of Mahatma Gandhi was filled with divine faith,
Most famous freedom fighter with the weapon- truth
Made India free, showed path of nonviolence on earth.

Mohandas Karam Chanda Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi,
Mahatma means great noble soul so pious title indeed
Marvelous word,”Mahatma” within book of Gita we find.

Poem by Brundaban Panda, India

As the up-down-up rule of syllabic play the haku poetry the 1st line has 13 syllables and down by one the second line and up again to the 13 syllable.

Down-Up-Down Haku

Freedom: Foundation Of Full Freedom [Haku 9/10/9]

Freedom: Foundation of full freedom
Full freedom means Liberty I confirm
Freedom binds reasonably says norm.

Poem by Brundaban Panda, India

Other example of down-up-down

You [ Haku -2/3/2]

You are

My real love


Other example can be a haiku which have 5/7/5 syllable down-up-down form and the senryu also.

Hey rats [haiku Haku]

Hey rats be aware
these cats are in an agog
for their dinner time

*****Therefore every haiku and senryu poetries are down-up-down haku poems **********

By Aleme Gammo

Legislator of poetry rules and inventor of 115 Poetry styles

The following are some poems of international poets taken as an example of Up-Down-Up and Down-Up-Down Haku Poems

Up-Down Again Down-Up Natural

Professor Brundaban panda

Up-down again down-up naturally occur,
Under-over again Over-under times offer
Usually opposite natures pain- pleasure

Universe can not continue with an action,
Utility of reaction essential for the creation
Upper to be drawn to down for equalization.

Undeveloped to be developed by human law,
Up-down and down-up reasonably times flow.
Under the soil a seed needs to rise up to grow.

Understanding down trodden condition of man,
Uplifting him to up position state takes decision
Up to a level if drawn it is his standard position

Utility of universal law to give full pleasure to all,
Usually using own wisdom soul’s status be well
Up-down must come in life so patience essential.

Puppet ( Poetic form : Up-Down-Up Haku)

PK ROY,India

Lost faith in self, assumed he can never do any
work independently; although they don’t call him
worthless; but no colleagues give a work or treat friendly.

Everyone fears he’ll spoil the whole show, he stays alone;
recollects past incidents those caused his downfall;
He can’t express it to them, feel they won’t believe it.

Unfortunately no one cares what he has become
over years, how he suffered a few years ago?
None interested to learn what made him a puppet.

(Up-Down-Up Haku with 13–12–13 syllables)

Life ( Up-Down-Up Haku )

Dolly Bhaskaran,UK

my life is a roller coaster drive
each day is different for me
hope things get better in the future

9/8/9 Syllables contest Up-Down-Up Haku

The Coward Dressed In Drag

By Maui-Al,Hawaii, United States

Dressed in drag the coward fled
his rooftop throne of hateful ire.
-His brothers sit and wait their turn.

ʻTil father Evil is dead,
his sons sniper eyes will take aim
to steal others breath of life.

March 15th, 44 BCE

Julius Caesar was warned “Beware the Ides of March!” and
His wife, Calpurnia, begged him not to go to work that day
He ignored advice and was stabbed to death in the Senate

by Rosewinter515

a 14, 15, 14 haku
July 8th, 2022

‘Gas-lighting Minger Moo’* (Down-Up-Down Haku) 9–7–9

Tempest Morte, Missouri, United States

She is the Darling to disconcert
Cloaked amorous decay
“laurel covered feigning” your payday **

She don’t relent (just enrapture)
Worn out albatross, dare say
Bedazzling her new main supply

  • Minger- female you find unattractive.
    Moo- silly, annoying female
    **laurel covered feigning think/like “chocolate covered cherries”

    Aleme Gammo’s Down-Up-Down haku (9–7–9)

[ giant tiger shark — Haku down-up down ]

Dolly Bhaskaran,UK

giant tiger shark
swimming under ocean waves
eating small fishes

Thought (Poetic form : Down-Up-Down Haku)

PK ROY,India

Why did you make me cry?
Why your acts always bring tears;
why I feel so much pain?

Thought of your love can’t dry
my tears, although I did try.
By such acts what you gain?

You have snatched all from me,
know well you won’t let me free;
I’m puzzled, what to do?

Bonded with love, agree
slaved in your charm, all my thoughts
jumbled, I’ve lost control.



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