By the end of this post, I hope to have convinced you that hibernating your computer is, in most cases, a better option than the default ‘shutdown”. In order to understand why we must take a look at the 3 different options for “turning off” a Windows computer:

  1. Shutdown
  2. Sleep
  3. Hibernate

Disclaimer: As a few people have pointed out, shutting down (or rebooting) allows the computer to “reset”, and also to install any pending updates.

Personally, I reboot my computer at least once a week, just to make sure everything keeps running smoothly. …

This post outlines a way to make a programmable keypad for less than half the price of a 15-key Elgato Stream Deck — and potentially for free, if you already own a MIDI device

Let me guess: you’re a gamer. No wait, a creative professional. Or maybe just someone who sees value in having a programmable keypad.

Think of all the time you would save, if only you had a device programmed to execute the most tedious tasks you manually repeat everyday on the computer, at the press of a key.

So, you searched for a bit, and here’s where…


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