Meet T.S. & F. Consultant and Management Bringing High Quality To The Industry: Exclusive Interview

1.What separates you from the competition?

This question is one of the most important to having a business to stand out from other businesses. For my company, T.S. & F. Consultant and Management, is an exceptionally focused organization of prepared experts engaged in the work by getting things done and making things happen. TSF. LLC does not attempt to do everything for any customer. The administrations we offer and perform for every customer are distinct, while our attitude is motivated by our passion to assist every customer success.

The individual members from our Principal Associates Group have accumulated 38 years of hands-on experience within their respective professional careers. The individuals from our Principal Associates Group have worked together on many of the clients’ projects and assignments and developed a genuine culture of collaboration. Every one of us is focused on similar Principles, Standards, and Values that characterize our obligation to every client’s success.

2. Are there any special characteristics of your brand?

TSF LLC has operated as a small professional business for more than 6 years. We are not just a veteran owned and operated business but a company that provides the best for our clients not by words rather through our actions. Our special characteristic is being transparent with our clients to build and maintain trust as well as loyalty.

3.What motivated you to start your own brand?

My motivation for starting my own brand is due to the desire to provide more for my kids than I was proved or given. this is building generational wealth for their future. I did not want to have my kids work for someone when it is easier to work for themselves. In other words, poverty and low to middle income is not an option. This was not my only motivation to start my brand. The other reasons are to prove to my parents and family members that I am somebody to be proud of and I am somebody. This burning desire was and is to prove them wrong and society. Many friends throughout my lifetime to include my time in service always encouraged me to have my own brand because they saw something in me that other did not. Therefore, this motivated me more.

4.Where do you see your company in 5 years?

In 5 years, I see the company expanding to NFT, Meta Verse, real estate, unconventional marketing, contract with the government for service and overseas,. With this in mind, the company’s increase its revenue to be able to be recognized in Forbes Top 500 growing business and being the next Top Consultant and Management company and producing multiple bestseller books.

5.What do you want readers to benefit from this article?

In this article, I would want the reader to be motivated to seek their own business and to focus on their goals without the distraction of others. Understand and believe in themselves and the process of being success as well as eliminate negative people in their lives regardless f it is friends and/or family. There are bigger and better things in the world that is waiting for the reader to make a change in their lives for the better. The reader is somebody no matter what society may think or try to label them. Do not let impairments nor label dictate what you should be and/or should do. There is no limit to one’s ability to success and success is not based on the opinion of others nor is it defined on others’ meaning. The only person to prove is themselves.

About The Owner-

Tierell D. Goodman is the president and founder of T.S. & F. Consultant and Management, LLC,
G.I. Jeeps, and G.I. Warriors (new upcoming non-profit organization for veterans), Inc a leading
entrepreneur of his kind, and a Coach for Heroes-to-Heroes Foundation non-profit organization
serving the US military from active duty to veteran communities with a highly successful peer to
peer combat resiliency and advocate for veterans’ compensation benefits. Tierell and his team
are highly dedicated assist clients (individuals and companies) with accomplishing their business
targets by giving imaginative, top-tier counseling through analyzing businesses and create solutions
while helping companies meet their goals.

Tierell is a US Air Force combat veteran that deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi
Freedom (OIF). He is a former Resource Advisor (known as Budget Analyst), Unit Deployment
Manager, Postal Specialist/COPE and Aircrew Flight Equipment Craftsman. He has earned an
MBA from University of Phoenix -Asia, BS from Excelsior College, 2 — AAS from American
Military University, 2-AAS from Community College of the Air Force. Tierell was born in
Beaumont, Tx. He and his wife, Schantel have been married for twenty-four years and have
two children both serving in the military as well as one grandchild. After deployment, their
family personally faced the challenges of combat PTSD and other challenges. Through the
struggles of others, Tierell can share his story to mentor and to inspire others like himself. He is
widely sought-after subject matter expert on veteran compensation claims, PTSD, military and
veteran issues, and entrepreneurism for business owners.




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