The Brussels’ job market is crippled with unpaid internships and low-quality jobs.

Do you want to avoid these exploitative schemes and get better working conditions?

Unfortunately, the 25 best companies haven’t yet been identified… I know, disappointment… but together you can do it!!

SHARE the reviews of your work experiences on Transparency at Work — it’s the ‘TripAdvisor’ for the job market!

InternsGoPro awarded Uniplaces with the “European Label for Quality Internships — Champion Level”. The award highlights Uniplaces’ commitment for high quality internships.

This is the Uniplaces pledge for fairer internships:

An internship is a chance for you to become the person we’d love to work with. It is a chance to change your life. Let us be very clear: our internships are not an opportunity to exploit you. Our interns aren’t cheap, discardable labour. An intern is not a personal assistant or a photocopy-machine operator.

You want more, need more and deserve more.

So we’ve drafted five simple points to…

How do we incentivise employers to invest in quality internships? How do we help students identify internships that are truly beneficial for them? The problem being bad surprises of 3–6 month long internships with low learning experience, InternsGoPro devises ideas to help students identify the quality of an internship BEFORE actually doing the internship.

Together with several partner NGO, and endorsed by 2 EU commissioners, we developed the “European Label for Quality Internships”. It consits of 6 quality criteria and 23 quality indicators. More info on:


Blog presenting news, resources and articles around the event and around better internships! More will follow soon.

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