From “Femin-ish” to Feminist, or How the Democratic Primary Has Turned Me into a Raging Feminist
Samantha Kim Attwood

There is definitely a bias towards Hillary based on her gender, however this bias is found amongst the GOP party. The men and women who are criticizing Hillary’s loudness or authority are those that agree with Trump’s comments on Megan Kelly’s menstrual cycle.

Is it just to say that most of those supporting Bernie, men and women, are only doing so because of some internalized sexism? Most of Bernie’s supporters are young, arguably the most liberal age group in this election. These young liberals, who very strongly advocate for the equality amongst sexes, races, and religions, are not voting for Bernie because he is a man.

What separates you from supporting Carly Fiorina and supporting Hillary Clinton? You support Hillary because of her politics, and you don’t not support Carly because of her gender. The same arguments were used against Carly, but no “raging feminists” defended her then.

There is most definitely a double standard in the media for Hillary. But then again, isn’t there one for all of the candidates. But the dislike for her cannot be boiled down to the “she’s a women” argument.

But if we are saying it is unfair for one to not vote for Hillary based on her gender, isn’t it also not fair for Hillary to repeatedly guilt others into voting for her based on her womanhood.

Did your “raging feminist” speak out against Gloria Steinem when she reduced women to mindless, boy-crazed, little girls for supporting Bernie Sanders? Or was that okay because the only reason they wouldn’t be backing a female is because they have no sense?

Being a feminist, or a non-sexist does not mean you have to support a women. Part of the feminist movement is giving women a say and voice in politics. Is that not what women across the country are doing for Bernie?

But lets get onto the topic of equality. Bernie Sanders is a long standing advocate of women, black, LGBT, latino, muslim, worker’s rights. However, his opinion and stance on all of these is undermined by the fact that he is none of these things. If we were really for an equal say in government, politics, society, etc. wouldn’t we support the candidate that most embodies equality. Feminism isn’t for just white women. It’s for all women regardless, of economic standing, race, political background, religion, sexual orientation.

I agree with you, there is most definitely a double standard for women in the media. There is no denying the fact that Hillary’s loud voice and Bernie’s loud voice are reacted to in different ways. Hillary is also suffering from the disadvantage of being one of the first women to walk the path she is walking. There will be biases against her. She is a smart women who knows what she is doing.

Yet, we cannot ignore the fact that her mistakes make her untrustworthy. Everybody’s mistakes and dishonesty makes people question their reliability. Hillary’s untrustworthiness does not stem from her gender, it stems from her history as a politician.

Don’t defend your presidential candidate with the argument that all ill spoken against her is because of her gender. You are making people want to vote for her less and less because they hear the same old thing all the time, “You aren’t voting for her because she’s a woman”. It gets tiresome. Instead, write an article that highlights her achievements and falsifies the claims against her. If you want true supporters that support her campaign for her politics, don’t make an article the vilifies all that don’t support her by making the claim that they are not feminists.

This article sounds very Madeline Albright-ish. Don’t worry, you won’t go to hell for not supporting your fellow female.

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