March 10: Images + Voxpop/Video

Daniela, Sinduja and I (Kevin Tsukii) met today and we (finally) decided on some things about our website.

I saw this project of Nikole Hannah-Jones’ at NICAR ’15 and thought the parallax scrolling would work well with the before/after images we have.

The images would scroll into the features and we could overlay the portraits we took with the historical footage as well as other found footage relevant to what the interviewees mention.

Kevin: Final voxpop video with audio version with names/portraits (3/23). The lead-in dialogue still needs to be edited. Probably put the audio saying that the USC students/Hawkins students did the reporting.

Sinduja: Framework of website, scrolling parallax + embedding a video (3/23)

Feature stories coming in 4/6

The introductory statements:

  1. Landing page: “50 Years After the Watts Riots” — (small text)a project by the Intersections South LA, USC Metamorphisis and a collaboration of community organizations and local media.
  2. In 1965, Watts, along with most of South Los Angeles, burned in what was then the worst race riot in the United States’ history.
  3. In the aftermath, officials and researches identified inequality and social barriers facing blacks in Watts as undelying triggers.
  4. What do people you know about Watts Riots?
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